Corona in the world: Cases started increasing again in Britain; 6,238 infected were found here on the last day, this is the highest in the last 2 months


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Britain is under threat of a third wave of Corona. Corona was confirmed in 6,238 people here on the previous day and 11 patients died. This is the first time in the last two months, when the number of infected people found here in a day has crossed 6 thousand. Earlier on March 25, 6,118 patients were found here.

Experts fear that the Corona Delta variant (B.1.617.2) could be behind this. It was first found in India. Due to this there was a record increase in the cases of corona in India. Now it is spreading all over England. Experts have also appealed to the government to hold the unlock.

Cases increased at the end of May
In the last week of last month in Britain, there was once again a slight increase in new cases of Corona. In the beginning of May, 2 to 2.5 thousand cases were coming here daily. On May 28, this figure crossed 4 thousand (4,182). Thereafter, there was some decline in the cases. After this there were 4330 cases on 4 June, 5374 cases on 3 June.

Most cases are being found in India
For the past several days, India is number-1 in the number of daily cases in the world. However, now the second wave of corona is weakening here. On the previous day, 1.21 lakh corona infected were identified here and 3,382 people died. After this, the Kovid report of 38,482 people came positive in Brazil and 1,184 people died.


Cases also increased in Argentina-Colombia
Apart from India-Brazil, the highest number of cases were recorded in Argentina and Colombia. In Argentina, in the last 24 hours, corona was confirmed in 30,950 people and 538 people also lost their lives. At the same time, 30 thousand people were hit by Corona in Colombia on Friday and 537 people died.

17.33 crore cases so far
Last day, 4.16 lakh corona infected were identified in the world. During this, 10,237 people also died due to infection. So far more than 17.33 crore people have been infected with the corona virus in the world. Of these, more than 37.27 lakh people have died, while 15.60 crore people have defeated Corona. Presently 1.35 crore people are being treated. Of these, 1.34 crore people have mild symptoms of corona and the condition of 88,173 people remains critical.

corona updates

  • A statement or say by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the health advisor to the US President, has increased China’s concern. Dr Fauci said – If we want to know where the corona virus started and how it spread, then one thing is very important. China will have to release medical reports of 9 people who got sick in 2019, in whom symptoms like corona were found.
  • Covaxin and Sputnik-V, a condition of American universities, has raised concerns for Indian students. In fact, more than 400 universities have allowed only students who have got the corona vaccine to enter the campus. The condition is that the vaccine must be approved by the World Health Organization. Simply, this condition has become a headache for students like Miloni because Covaxin is not approved by WHO. The same is the case with the students of China and Russia.

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