Corona in the world: 4.74 lakh cases came in the last day, 10,734 died; US announced to distribute 25 million vaccines out of 8 crores…India will also get doses


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Worldwide, 4 lakh 74 thousand corona infected were identified on the last day. During this, 10,734 people died due to infection. In the case of Corona cases, India has come second after America. So far 3 crore 41 lakh 74 thousand people have been infected with corona in America. At the same time, in India this figure has crossed 2 crore 85 lakh 43 thousand.

On the other hand, America has announced to distribute 25 million doses out of 80 million doses given to other countries. Indian Ambassador to the US TS Sindhu told that the US which is giving 25 million vaccines to other countries for free, India will also have a big part in it. However, it is not yet decided how many vaccines India will get.

China should release data of employees of Wuhan lab: Fauci
America’s top medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has asked China to release the data of the 9 employees of the Wuhan lab who were the first to have symptoms of the corona virus. Fauci told the Financial Times that I also want to see the data of 3 people who fell ill inside the Wuhan lab in 2019. If they were really sick, then it is important to know the reason behind their illness.

Apart from this, Fauci has described the important contribution of India’s scientific knowledge in dealing with Corona. Speaking at the event of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, Fauci said, “I sympathize with the health crisis India is going through due to the pandemic. This was the situation in America for several months before vaccination.


Trump said- My words coming from Wuhan of Chinese virus turned out to be correct
Former US President Donald Trump has said that his statement of the Chinese virus coming from Wuhan turned out to be true. Today everyone, even my enemies, are accepting this. Trump said that the time has come when every death due to the virus from China should be accounted for. 10 trillion dollars should be taken from China as damages.

Earlier, the current President of America, Joe Biden has also spoken of China’s hand in the origin of Corona. He has asked the US intelligence agency to submit a report within 90 days after investigating the matter.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson administered the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson administered the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Colombia announces relaxation in lockdown
Colombia has announced a relaxation in the lockdown amid the threat of a third wave. This decision has been taken in view of the continuous economic loss. Apart from this, it has also been decided to eliminate the need for corona negative report for travelers going to Colombia from July. Negative reports will also not be demanded from students arriving in Colombia from other countries. However, they will have to get their vaccinations done.

Top-10 countries, where so far most people have been infected

country infected deaths got well
America 34,174,752 611,611 28,025,575
India 28,574,350 340,719 26,597,655
Brazil 16,803,472 469,784 15,228,983
France 5,694,076 109,857 5,378,299
Turkey 5,270,299 47,882 5,139,993
Russia 5,099,182 122,660 4,711,982
Britain 4,499,878 127,812 4,296,244
Italy 4,225,163 126,342 3,893,259
Argentina 3,884,447 79,873 3,438,437
Germany 3,701,690 89,605 3,518,600

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