Corona in the world: 3.58 lakh cases came in the last day, 7,869 died; The number of people who lost their lives in a day is the lowest in the last 58 days.


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The speed of corona is now decreasing worldwide. The Corona report of 3 lakh 58 thousand 179 people has come positive in the world on the last day. This is the second consecutive day, when less than 4 lakh corona cases have been reported in a day.

Talking about the death toll, 7,869 people died due to corona infection on the previous day. In the case of those who lost their lives in a day, this hard is the lowest in the last 58 days. Earlier on April 4, 7123 people died.

Cases have reduced in India as well
In India too, the cases of corona are now decreasing. On May 6, the maximum number of 4.14 lakh cases came here. This figure has now come down to less than 1.30 lakhs. On the last day, 1.26 lakh cases were found in India and less than 3 thousand deaths occurred.

Philippines extends travel ban on 6 countries including India
The Philippines has increased the travel ban imposed on 6 countries including India. This ban was imposed after the corona variant B.1617 was found in India. Now it has been extended till June 15. Apart from India, this restriction will apply to Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Oman and United Arab Emirates.

American experts warn

  • According to a report by the US media company Bloomberg, two US experts have given a big warning about the issue of the origin of the virus. He says that either trace the origin of Kovid-19 or be prepared for Kovid-26 and Kovid-32.
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  • This warning has been given by Scott Gottlieb, the Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration in the US Donald Trump government, and Peter Hoyts, co-director of the Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development in Texas. Gottlieb currently serves on the board of pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

Corona crisis again in China
Coronavirus is spreading once in China. Between 30 and 31 May 27 new cases were found in Guanzhou city. Out of these, only 7 patients were those who came here after traveling from other countries. The remaining 20 cases are of local transmission. After this, strictness has been increased in the city. All the people have been asked to conduct tests and for this hundreds of testing centers have been set up in the city. So far 519 flights have also been canceled.

17.14 crore cases so far
So far, more than 17.14 crore people of Corona have been infected with the Corona virus in the world. Of these, more than 35.64 lakh people have died, while 15.39 crore people have beaten Corona. At present, 1.41 crore people are being treated. Of these, 1.40 crore people have mild symptoms of corona and the condition of 91,755 people remains critical.

Top 10 countries, where most people have been infected so far

country infected The deaths Healed
America 34,113,146 609,767 27,863,840
India 28,173,655 331,909 25,939,504
Brazil 16,547,674 462,966 14,964,631
France 5,667,324 109,528 5,333,597
Turkey 5,249,404 47,527 5,114,624
Russia 5,071,917 121,501 4,684,585
Britain 4,487,339 127,782 4,289,486
Italy 4,217,821 126,128 3,858,019
Argentina 3,781,784 78,093 3,350,602
Germany 3,689,918 89,148 3,486,700

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