Children’s protection: Internet thermometer will be tested in schools; Real time data will also help in early treatment


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  • Internet Thermometer Will Be Tested In Schools; Real Time Data Will Also Help In Early Treatment

New York2 hours ago

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Indian-origin Inder Singh’s company will give 1 lakh thermometers to schools.

In New York, school children will now be tested with a smart thermometer. The special thing is that the thermometer will be connected to the internet, through which children will get real time data of fever or other symptoms. Due to this, rapid tests, diagnosis of the disease and early treatment will help. This thermometer has been made by Indian-origin Inder Singh’s company Kinsa.

He is its CEO. This start-up has surpassed even government health agencies in detecting diseases. It detected unusual fever and symptoms in Corona 18 days before the government. Inder Singh says, ‘It does not mean that we are smart, but we have the right and better data.’

Kinsa is about to give 100,000 such thermometers to New York’s Elementary Schools. For this, he has tied up with the New York Department of Health. “During the Kovid pandemic, we have learned a very important lesson about how important it is to have real-time and accurate information about a disease,” says Dr. Jay Verma, senior health advisor to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. Its first phase has started only last month. Under this, 5,000 thermometers have been given free of cost to teachers, employees and parents of children in 50 schools in the city.


Will send real time data to government health agency
As soon as someone uses the thermometer in case of mild weakness or feeling ill, it will immediately send an indication of his illness to the health department or officials. Through this, the city will get a chance to warn against flu and other infectious diseases and to prepare in case of unusual situations.

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