Childhood imprisoned in cages and chains: 6-year-old Nahla starved in Syrian refugee camp, died of suffocation in a hurry to eat


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Lebanon4 hours agoAuthor: Hwaida Saad

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This photo was taken a few months before 6-year-old Nahla Al Othman died.

Nahla Al Othman, this is the name of this 6-year-old girl who is seen in chains. She was a victim of malnutrition. He died due to choking of his throat while eating too often. In her very young life, Nahla saw and suffered a lot of struggle. She lived with her father in a camp full of Syrians who had come to relief camps because of the war. In Syria’s Refugee Camp, the father used to tie him frequently during the day so that he would not go astray. Even at night he would get a caged bed.

Camp supervisor Hisham Ali Umar says, “We asked the girl’s father several times to free her from the chains and not put her in the cage but he always refused. He died of suffocation this month while eating early. When the picture of Nahla in chains came out, there was an uproar and it was through this picture that the world saw the suffering of millions of people living in camps located in the north of Syria. Her father was arrested.


Nahla lived with her family in the Farjallah camp in the rebels-occupied part of northwestern Syria. People live there in fear of bombings. The conditions in these camps are becoming increasingly difficult, especially for children. Food is not available in these camps for many days, due to which the rate of malnutrition is increasing. Nahla also fell victim to the same.

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