Chanakya Niti Geeta Updesh Knowledge Removes Darkness Values ​​Enhance Persons Character Key To Success And Safalta Ki Kunji


Safalta Ki Kunji: According to Chanakya’s Chanakya policy, student life is very important. The future position in student life is decided. The building of the future is prepared in student life. Students who do not take this matter seriously, they face difficulties later. According to the scholars, to make the future beautiful and better, students should always keep a check on some things. Let’s know these things-

Complete the task on time
According to Chanakya, time has a special significance in student life. Every moment is precious. Working with this idea makes it easier to achieve the goal. Students who postpone today’s work tomorrow, they later face problems.


practice discipline
Special importance of discipline has been told for the students. In order to complete any task on time, it is necessary to follow the rules of rigorous discipline. Those who keep this in mind achieve their goals.

follow the rituals
Along with education, special importance of rites has also been told in student life. Where knowledge is helpful in removing all kinds of darkness, whereas sanskars enhance the character of a person. The importance of knowledge increases with sanskar. Even in the preaching of Gita, Lord Shri Krishna emphasizes on adopting high rites with knowledge.

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