Center’s comfort on Coveshield: Scientific study is necessary to change the difference between two doses, no need to panic about it


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  • Coronavirus News Update; Central Government On Covishield Vaccine, No Need To Panic On Need For Immediate Change In Dosage Interval Of Covishield, Reducing The Time Gap Requires Proper Scientific Study In The Indian Scenario

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In some studies, it is being claimed that reducing the difference between two doses of CoveShield can lead to better results.

The central government said on Friday that there is no need to panic about the immediate reduction of the gap between the two doses of the Kovidshield vaccine. Before reducing the difference between the two doses, it needs to be properly studied scientifically in the context of India.

NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul said that there is a great need to balance the concerns being expressed about this. Let us tell you that in some studies it is being claimed that reducing the difference between two doses of CoveShield can give better results.


Decisions on the difference in dosage will have to be taken carefully
Dr. VK Paul of NITI Aayog said that all decisions regarding the difference in dosage of Covishield should be taken very carefully. We must remember that when we widened this gap, we took into account the risk of the virus to those who have taken a single dose of the vaccine.

But, one aspect of this should be noted that in this situation more people will be able to get the first dose and this will also create immunity in a large number of people. Yes, it should be debated and it should be kept in the public also, but the decision on this should be taken by the group who have knowledge about the vaccine.

Dr. Paul said that the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) is one of the few people who have been part of WHO panels and committees and are recognized globally. But, NTAGI maintains a standard when it comes to global and national immunization programs. As such, its decisions should be respected. There should be a scientific process behind such decisions.

We will respect the decision our scientific community takes
The public should respect the decisions taken by NTAGI. Let the NTAGI consider the decisions regarding the difference in dosage. Britain has decided on the difference in dosages here and they must have done this only after scientific analysis of their data.

The UK had set the gap between the first two doses at 12 weeks and with the data we have, we can’t consider it safe right now. We must trust our scientific circle, they must be looking into it for sure. They would be considering it considering the pandemic situation in our country and the delta variant. We will respect the decision taken by our scientific society.

Britain narrows the gap
A Public Health England (PHE) report has claimed that the protection provided after the first dose may be less than expected. After this, the difference between the two doses of the vaccine has started being lost. In Northern Ireland this difference has been reduced from 10-12 weeks to 8 weeks. The latest study states that the first dose of the AstraZeneca (Covishield) vaccine provides 33% protection against the delta variant of the corona virus. After the second dose, this protection increases to 60% against the delta variant. The delta variant was first found in India and is said to be responsible for the second wave of corona infection in the country.

Reduced gap for people going abroad
The Union Health Ministry has made a major change in the vaccination schedule of Kovidshield a few days ago. After increasing the gap of the second dose twice, it has now been reduced for people traveling abroad. That is, in some categories there is no need to wait for 84 days (12-16 weeks) for two doses. After 28 days (4-6 weeks) the second dose can be administered. The gap of two doses has been reduced for Coveshield only. The gap between the two doses of Covaxin was 28 days. No changes have been made to it.

Who will take second dose of Coveshield in 28-42 days?

  • This is the third change in Coveshield’s gap of two doses. When vaccination started on January 16, the gap of two doses between Coveshield and Covaxin was kept 28-42 days. But on 22 March, the difference of two doses of Coveshield was increased from 4-6 weeks to 6-8 weeks. Then on 13 May this gap was increased to 12-16 weeks.
  • The new guideline is for those people who have had the first dose and have to go on international travel. They may have to travel for education, employment or as part of an Olympic team. Such people will not have to wait for 84 days for the second dose of Covishield. They can get the second dose done even before this.

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