Center clashed with Kejriwal after Mamta: Ban on Delhi’s door-to-door ration scheme, the central government said – cannot implement the scheme without approval


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  • Break On AAP Government’s Door to door Ration Scheme, Central Government Said – The State Did Not Take Approval

New Delhi42 minutes ago

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Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal and CM Arvind Kejriwal (File photo)

The Center has put brakes on the Kejriwal government’s plan to reach every household in Delhi. This plan was to be implemented a week later. All its preparations were also done. But the Delhi government did not take the approval of this scheme from the central government, due to which it has been canceled. Earlier, the relations between the Center and the Mamta government of West Bengal had increased.

On May 15, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took a meeting of his cabinet, in which a decision was taken regarding the free ration scheme. On May 18, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal himself told the media that the government would deliver ration to the homes of 72 lakh people. Now he will keep his point on this issue by holding a press conference at 11 am on Sunday.

10 kg ration to every family
Kejriwal had said that there are 72 lakh people in Delhi who have ration cards. The government gives 5 kg ration to such people. Free ration will be given to such people this month. Along with this, 5 kg more ration will be given under the scheme of the Center. In this way people will be able to take 10 kg ration this month. There are many people in Delhi who are in need and they do not have cards, they will also be given ration. Soon this system will be implemented.


In March, the Center had increased the powers of the Lieutenant Governor
In March, Parliament passed the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill 2021. This NCT bill has become effective from April 27 after the notification of the Ministry of Home Affairs. After this bill becomes law, now Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal will have more powers than the Aam Aadmi government of Delhi. Under these laws, the Lieutenant Governor has the right to stop Kejriwal’s plans.

Under this law, the Lieutenant Governor has this right

  • After this Act came into force, now the government in Delhi will have the meaning of Lieutenant Governor.
  • The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi i.e. Anil Baijal will be influential in comparison to the elected government of Delhi.
  • Before taking any decision, the Delhi government will have to take the opinion of the Lieutenant Governor.
  • If the government takes decisions related to the legislature, then it will have to get approval from the LG 15 days before.
  • If it takes decisions related to administrative matters, then it will be necessary to get approval 7 days in advance.

AAP and Congress had opposed
During the discussion on this bill, there was a lot of opposition from Congress and Aam Aadmi Party. After the bill was passed in the house, Kejriwal had said that this is a very bad day for democracy. We will continue our efforts to keep the power of power in the hands of the people. Whatever the obstacle, we will keep up the good work and it will not stop or slow down.

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