CBSE Exam Cancelled: Petitioner said- Now to implement this decision in the state boards, the Supreme Court will go to the Supreme Court, the opinion of experts divided on the exam


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  • The Petitioner Said, Will Now Go To The Supreme Court To Implement The Decision In Different Boards Of The States; Experts’ Opinion Divided On The Exam

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New Delhi21 minutes agoAuthor: Sandhya Dwivedi

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The Central Government has canceled the CBSE 12th exam this year. This decision was taken in the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday. During the meeting, the Prime Minister decided to cancel the examination citing the safety of the students.

Advocate Mamta Sharma, who petitioned to cancel the examination, says that when I filed the petition, many people discouraged me, but I had to plead in the court for the safety of the children. But I do not want to leave this battle in the middle. In the Supreme Court hearing on June 3, I have to make two requests to the court.

Two other demands of the petitioner.

  1. Advocate Mamta Sharma says that this decision should be applicable to the boards of all the states. I started this fight for about 1.5 crore children. Now this fight will be for other children also.
  2. The second request will be from my Supreme Court that all the states should declare the results before July 15, so that this year will not be wasted for the students applying for studies abroad.

Experts are also not unanimous on the cancellation of the exam
Educationist Pushpesh Pant They say, ‘I don’t think there can be a better decision than this. There can be no greater happiness for parents of children that their children are safe. I could not understand the logic of those who were talking about ruining the careers of children due to lack of exams.


He says it is a time of disaster. At this time it is necessary to save the lives of the children or else it is okay to put the children at risk by sending them to the center for examination. Secondly, in order to take admission in universities and colleges, there are already entrance exams in many places and where they are not, they should be implemented.

Educationist Anil Sadagopan Describing this decision as commendable. But they also raise questions. He says, ‘The whole country and the courts of the country are worried about the CBSE examination for the last 15 days. I ask what about the rest of the board? Most of the schools associated with the CBSE board are private, except the Delhi government. Why not worry about the children of government schools? Is it because they do not belong to the elite family? Even the Prime Minister got worried for the board of only 6-7% of the children, but what about the other children?

They also accuse the central government of not consulting the states on the issue of education and examinations. They say that according to the first article of the constitution, India is a union of all states, but the central government has killed the very soul of the constitution. On 23 May, only the meeting was held, but the proposals for the examination presented by the representatives of the states were not even discussed.

NCERT executive member Anita Sharma She says, ‘The verdict is respected, but my concern is more about the future than today. When after many years this batch will be tagged as passing without examination and they will be judged as inferior in comparison to other children, then I think we should have taken examination of some subjects.

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