Casting Couch: The producer wanted to spend the night with Neena Gupta instead of giving a role in the film, the actress revealed in autobiography


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Actress Neena Gupta has recently launched her autobiography ‘Sach Kahun To’. In this, he has shared many unheard experiences related to his personal and professional life. Neena also talks about the casting couch of Bollywood in the book. According to him, there is a casting couch in the industry. But he never had to go through it.

Neena wrote in the book, “Is there a casting couch in Bollywood and did I have to sit on it (sleeping? Feel uncomfortable)? So the answer is yes it exists in Bollywood and I’ve never had to experience it. See it for what it is. Sexual favors in return for something that might not be what you imagined.”

The producer wanted to spend the night with Neena
Neena has narrated an incident in her book, according to which a producer wanted sexual favors in return for giving her a role in the film. However, the actress not only returned the role but also its advance. Nina wrote in Autobiography, “One day my friend asked to go to a big filmmaker who was making a big South film. He was on tour for a few days and was staying at Hotel Sun and Sand.”

Neena further wrote, “When I reached the hotel, I called the producer from the lobby itself. He said, ‘Yeah, I was waiting for you. Come over.’ When he took a breath, I finally asked, ‘What is my role sir?’ He said, ‘Heroine’s friend.’ When he explained this to me, it felt like a very small role. I said- ‘Ok. Now I should go sir. My friends are waiting.’ She said in surprise, ‘Where should you go? Aren’t you going to spend the night here?’


‘You must be careful in the desperation of work’
Talking about the same incident, Neena had said in a conversation with a news channel, “You should be careful while desperate for work. Why would I go to someone’s room late in the evening to talk? Because I was desperate. Maybe. Was that if I had called her down, she would have felt bad. But no one should do this. If I had invited her to the lobby, it wouldn’t have happened. It could have happened. But I would have felt more secure.”

‘Nobody forces you to sleep together’
Nina had also advised newcomers in this conversation. He had said, “No one here forces you to sleep together. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to compromise. It’s that simple. If you say no then 10 other girls are ready to say yes.” It is not necessary that you sleep with them and they give you a role. They can give you a small role anywhere in the crowd. It’s business. It’s your choice.”

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