Case of 22 deaths in Agra hospital: Truth of 11th death came to light, husband of deceased woman said – Mock drill was going on for 10 days, wife told in chat


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The administration is making every effort to save Paras Hospital, which is responsible for 22 deaths by conducting a mock drill of oxygen in Agra. The administration had accepted only three deaths on the day of the mock drill, but till now the information of 11 dead from 10 families has come to the fore.

Now Saurabh Agarwal, a resident of New Raja Mandi, has accused Dr. Arinjay Jain, owner of Paras Hospital, of murder. He has given a complaint in Police Station New Agra. But the case has not been registered yet. Saurabh alleges that the mock drill of oxygen was going on in the hospital for several days. On April 27, the doctor killed my wife.

Husband and wife were admitted in different hospitals
Saurabh Agarwal, a resident of Raja Mandi, told that he and his wife Radhika Agarwal (36 years) were corona infected. On April 13, Saurabh was admitted to Sarvodaya Hospital. Whereas due to non-availability of beds in Sarvodaya Hospital, wife Radhika was admitted by the family to Paras Hospital. About Rs 3 lakh was spent on the treatment of his wife. But there was gross negligence in the treatment.

Saurabh says that on April 26, in the name of mock drill, he was killed by switching off oxygen. It is alleged that even after death, the hospital people hid the information from him and the family. The death was reported at 6 am the next morning. It is alleged that when this complaint was made to Dr. Arinjay, he threatened and pacified him. They didn’t have proof, so they went silent.

Mock drill was going on in the hospital for many days
Saurabh says that the doctor took away their mother from the two children. Saurabh said, since he himself was infected and was unable to talk to his wife due to weakness. That’s why they didn’t even know the whole truth. Meanwhile, the wife used to chat with her sister Manisha on social media. which has now come to the fore.


In which Radhika is asking her sister to stop oxygen repeatedly on April 16 itself and is asking to do the same with all the patients. After this, on 26 April, the talk of killing Radhika’s sister by torture for oxygen overnight has been written in the chat.

Three Tahrirs, but no case was registered
So far, Ashok Chawla, Saurabh Aggarwal and Etawah resident Raju have filed a complaint against Paras Hospital in New Agra police station. But the police said, complaint should be made to the ADM City office. A case cannot be filed against a doctor without investigation.

ADM City did not get any complaint
A team of two doctors from ADM City and CMO office is investigating the matter. But till now they have not received any complaint. Today is the last day to complain. All the victims’ attendants can give a complaint to ADM City today. Social worker Naresh Paras is calling all the exposed victims and appealing them to complain. The inquiry report is to be sent to the District Magistrate by this evening.

Video maker and viral will be investigated
In the investigation of the administration, the focus is being on the video maker and the viral one. Why did the video go viral after so many days? This is also a matter of administration’s investigation. At the same time, if sources are to be believed, the video maker is missing and his family members have also reached the shelter of a minister of state.

Alleged tampering of death records
The administration has not yet made public any information about the 96 patients admitted in Paras Hospital on 26 and 27 April. Hospitals could not tamper with them, so all the records have been confiscated.

Three cases have been filed against the staff, only the epidemic act was imposed on the hospital
Cognizance was taken by the SP City Botre Rohan Pramod in the case of assault by the hospital staff late on Wednesday night and on his instructions, the Agra Police has registered a case on its behalf under the sections of the riot and the case was also registered on the Tahrir of two other people. is. While a case has been registered against the hospital under the Epidemic Act. While the doctor is still innocent in the eyes of the administration.

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