Case in East Jiangsu Province of China: Another threat from China, H10N3 variant of bird flu in humans, second case of being infected with any variant of bird flu


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  • Another Threat From China, H10N3 Variant Of Bird Flu In Humans, Second Case Of Being Infected With Any Variant Of Bird Flu

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A 41-year-old man in eastern Jiangsu province has been found infected with the H10N3 form of bird flu on May 28.

Another threat has been received from China. Here the H10N3 variant of bird flu has been found in humans. On Tuesday, the National Health Commission of China has informed that a person has been infected with it. According to the commission, a 41-year-old man in eastern Jiangsu province has been found infected with the H10N3 form of bird flu on May 28. However, the commission did not say how he got infected.

Significantly, the first case of human being infected with bird flu in the world was revealed in Russia this February. It was the less lethal H5N8 variant of bird flu. While the H10N3 variant is believed to be a bit more lethal. However, according to China’s state-run channel CGTN TV, the H10N3 victim is undergoing treatment in Zhenjiang city, his condition is fine.


He may be released from the hospital soon. Chinese health officials are also currently not giving much attention to the infection of H10N3 reaching humans. According to him, the risk of H10N3 spreading like a large-scale epidemic is low.

China already on target in case of corona infection
China is currently on the target of the whole world for the origin of the corona virus. Many scientists have claimed that the corona did not arise naturally. It has been made by the scientists of Wuhan Lab of China. They made such changes in the virus so that it appeared naturally from bats.

Can’t rule out possibility of outbreak: Dhariwal

  • This is a new variant of bird flu. The possibility of its spread from one person to another cannot be ruled out. However, there is no scientific evidence for this yet. So nothing can be said for sure. Oseltamavir salt can be used in patients with H10N3 strain. Dr. AC Dhariwal, former director, National Center for Disease Control Program

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