Cancer Symptoms: Some Signs On Feet May Indicate A Growing Skin Tumour, Know


The American Academy of Dermatology Association warns that skin cancer often spreads before it appears. Known as melanoma, it is also usually the most serious type of skin cancer. Melanoma can be dangerous, but skin cancer is mostly curable if detected early. A foot wound can increase the risk of disease. Doctors recommend looking at the soles of the feet, toe nails, between the toes and on the side of the foot. But do you know what to search for?

A sign of melanoma is a brown or black vertical line under the toe nail. Another sign of cancer can be a pink-red spot or growth somewhere on the leg. Beware of any wounds, new spots or growths that occur on any part of the foot. Experts say that sometimes melanoma on the foot causes pain, bleeding or itching, but not always.


Why is melanoma dangerous?

The National Health Service says that melanoma can spread to other parts of the body. Melanoma can occur not only on the foot, but can also be seen anywhere on the skin. The most common site of melanoma in men is their back, in women it is on the feet.

The risk of melanoma is increased if:

  • If you have a lot of moles or freckles
  • You have created a skin that burns easily
  • Do you have red or blonde hair
  • Have a relationship with a close family member with melanoma

The National Health Service has cautioned that skin cancer has become increasingly common in Britain in recent years. Melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer compared to other types of cancer, is also commonly found in people below the age of 50. In fact, more than one in four cancer cases are diagnosed among young people. The dreaded disease takes away around 2,300 lives every year in the UK. So, if you see any unusual mark or mole on your body, the first thing to do is to see a doctor. If the specialist needs additional tests, you may be recommended for further treatment.

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