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  • BSE Sensex Touch 2 Lakh, BSE Sensex NSE Nifty, BSE NSE Share Price, Motilal Oswal BSE NSE, Sensex Nifty

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  • By December, many brokerage houses have set a target for the Sensex to go up to 61 thousand.
  • BSE’s Sensex has reached the level of 100 to 52 thousand in 40 years

The indices of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) are trading at their historic levels today. In such a situation, it is estimated that the BSE Sensex will cross 2 lakhs. This is because corporate profits will increase and the economy will gain momentum.

Motilal Oswal’s Ramdev Agarwal estimates

Ramdev Agarwal, chairman of Motilal Oswal Financial Services, has made such an estimate in a virtual event. He said that the Sensex will cross the 2 lakh mark in the next 10 years. That is, on the basis of today, there will be an increase of 15 thousand annually in the Sensex. However, by this December, many brokerage houses have set a target for the Sensex to go up to 61 thousand.

Despite all the challenges, the market will grow

Ramdev Aggarwal said that despite all the challenges in India, the market will continue to boom. After one year of Corona, the market has set a new record and it has doubled in one year. He said that we have seen the Sensex reach the level of 100 to 52 thousand in the last 40 years. It never goes in a straight line. Therefore, there will be ups and downs in it in future also, but it will go up to the level of 2 lakhs.

The Country Has Amazing Opportunities

He said that there are amazing opportunities in the country. In such a situation, the profit of corporate companies will show an increase at a compounded rate of 15% on an annual basis. He said that India has a large youth population and at the same time there is a lot of atmosphere in its favor for this. There are middle class people who are contributing a lot to the economy. Aggarwal said that the effect of corona will definitely be visible at the temporary level but it will not last long. Its effect will subside after the completion of vaccination.


business will boom

The fiscal response of the government is completely clear. The Reserve Bank is ensuring sufficient funds. We believe that K-Shape’s recovery will be increasingly visible in certain sectors and larger businesses. Today the Sensex had reached 52,641 with a gain of 340 points in the morning. This is his historical record so far. Similarly Nifty had gone to 15,835. On March 23 last year, the Sensex had reached 25,981 while the Nifty had reached 7,610. With this, the market capitalization of listed companies has gone up to Rs 231 lakh crore today. The number of investors has gone up to 7.04 crores.


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