Black Fungus: Know Signs Of Dental Infection Post Covid-19, Patients Must Be Careful About This


In India, black fungus or mucormycosis infection has been declared as an epidemic by many states. Most of its cases are being seen after Kovid-19. Statistics show that the number of black fungus patients is 12 thousand. The reason for this is more steroid use of Kovid patients, longer stay in ICU. Doctors say that people with diabetes and weak immunity are more prone to black fungus.

Dental infection problem after covid-19

Now, facial deformities including black scabs, partial paralysis, swelling, persistent headaches and, in some cases, damage to the jaw, have become typical markers of black fungus. The dentist says that there is a need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the teeth by understanding the warning signs of black fungus. Identifying early warning signs can reduce complications. Patients need to be especially vigilant, especially in the first six weeks of recovery from Kovid-19. Troublesome issues with dental problems should be dealt with with utmost care. The infection has the potential to be dangerous if it reaches the facial muscles and brain.

One of the main routes of transmission of infection is through the jaw bone and the mouth. Gum abscess and dental infection can also be early markers of black fungus. Another important way to identify this particular symptom of dental health is pain. The pain from a tooth abscess can be sharp and severe. For some people, gum abscesses can also cause swelling and bad taste in the mouth. Therefore, dental hygiene can save the ridge from complications or even death.


Very challenging for the patient in the first six weeks

In the early stages of black fungus, a fa swelling, paralysis, redness or increased sensitivity, paralysis, redness may be seen over the mouth and jaw. Tooth loss and tooth abscess can cause additional pain around the jaw. If you have pain around the eyes, forehead, jaw, consult a doctor immediately. Keeping the mouth and teeth clean right now is not only necessary to negate the risk of fungal infections and complications, but also reduces the risk of many infections. Therefore, it is important that the patient avoids the disease by keeping the mouth and teeth clean and healthy. Disinfect toothbrush, gum cleaner and gargle frequently with anti-bacterial mouthwash.

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