Big leaders disillusioned with Congress: After Jitin Prasada’s joining BJP, now everyone’s eyes are on Sachin Pilot, 11 months ago there was a rebellion against Gehlot in Rajasthan


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  • Sachin Pilot Expressed Grief Over Jitin Joining BJP, Prasad Was Also Sad During Pilot’s Rebellion Last Year, Now Waiting For Sachin’s Next Move

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Sachin Pilot and Jitin Prasad (file photo)

  • Out of the trio of Pilot, Scindia, Jitin in Congress, only Pilot is left.
  • The market for discussions about the preparations for the pilot’s Desert Storm 2 is hot.

Jitin Prasad, a friend of Congress leader Sachin Pilot, joined the BJP on Wednesday. The trio of Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Jitin Prasad were famous in the Congress, of which two have gone to the BJP. Now only Sachin Pilot is left in this trio.

Sachin Pilot hashtag is trending on Twitter after Jitin Prasada joined BJP. Users are speculating about the next step of Sachin Pilot. There is a lot of discussion in political circles over Sachin Pilot’s displeasure and his issues being unresolved so far.

Jitin Prasad is a friend of Sachin Pilot, today Sachin Pilot has expressed grief over Prasad joining BJP. Pilot told an English channel that Jatin Prasad was saddened to leave the Congress and join the BJP.

About 11 months ago, when Sachin Pilot rebelled and sacked him from the post of state president and deputy CM, Jitin Prasad had reacted in a similar way. Jitin had tweeted and wrote- ‘Sachin Pilot is not only my friend but also my friend. No one can deny the fact that he has worked for the party with full dedication. I hope this situation will be corrected soon. I am also saddened by such a situation.


All eyes on Sachin Pilot’s next step
Sachin Pilot’s tussle with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is increasing continuously. Last year, Pilot had returned with 18 MLAs due to reconciliation after the rebellion. The promises made to him then have still not been fulfilled. It is said that efforts are on to break even his supporters MLAs.

In such a situation, now all eyes are on what Sachin Pilot takes the next step. People close to Pilot have completely denied any possibility of him joining the BJP. Pilot had ruled out the possibility of joining the BJP even during the rebellion.

The market for discussions about the preparations for the pilot’s Desert Storm 2 is hot.
A day earlier, in a conversation with an English newspaper, Sachin Pilot had said that even after 10 months, his issues remained unresolved and the workers who had blood and sweat in bringing the Congress government were not heard. After this scolding of the pilot, once again the beginning of his rebellious tone is being considered. Many political observers are claiming the pilot to be a preparation exercise for Desert Storm 2.

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