Big decision on the security of the country: The retired officer from the Intelligence and Security Agency cannot make public things related to the department or other officer; approval required


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New Delhi10 minutes ago

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The central government has taken a big decision regarding the security of the country. The government has clearly said that retired officers of intelligence agencies or security related departments cannot make public the things related to their department or any other officer. Before this, they will have to take the approval of their department, its chairman. The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions has issued this order on 31 May.

After retiring, an officer associated with the intelligence department or security, cannot make any thing public about his department, any officer of the department, his post, unless he takes permission from the department or its head. This information also includes the experience gained while working in the department.

Any sensitive information that threatens the security and sovereignty of the country. Apart from this, any information related to the issue related to the security, diplomatic, scientific or economic interests of the country will also have to be approved before making public. Any information related to relations with other countries also comes under this.


It is the head of the department that will decide whether the information being sought to be made public is sensitive or not. Also whether this information comes under the purview of the department or not.

Pension can be stopped for breaking the rules
Along with this new order, the ministries have also prepared a draft for pension. In this, the officer will have to sign an affidavit at the time of retirement. The officer will have to agree that he will not publish any information related to the institution or experience while in service or while retiring, unless the head of the department allows it. If he is unable to do so, his pension may be partially or completely withheld.

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