Biden’s first foreign tour after becoming president: European countries will have to win trust again, focus on strategizing against China


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Biden will also meet with Russian President Putin during the G7 summit. (file)

Joe Biden is going on his first foreign tour nearly five months after becoming president. The tour will be largely limited to Europe and the UK. This has very special meaning for both Biden and America. There have been many big changes in the world since Kovid-19. At present, China seems to be challenging America on every front. The bigger problem is that during Donald Trump’s era, many of America’s allies, especially European countries, turned away from him or were angry. Biden will try to bring them back together. In Geneva, he will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. The eyes of the world will be on this.


China and Russia: Two big challenges
According to the ‘New York Times’, the situation in front of America is no longer the same. It is getting tough challenges from China and Russia on every front. Biden wants that there should be no conflict between the US and Russia on any issue. His administration is preparing against China from the very beginning. Biden said in his speech after the oath on January 20 – America is back. The vaccination program in America has been successful and the economy is also improving rapidly. In such a situation, Biden is coming out of the house strong. Democrats and Republicans are on the same page on the issue of competition with China.

Biden’s three important programs
Seven of the world’s biggest economies i.e. will participate in the G7 meeting. Then meet the leaders of NATO and the European Union. Finally, there will be talks with Russian President Putin. Strengthening relations with NATO and the European Union is a big task. Because of Trump’s obstinate attitude, these countries started moving away from America. Biden has to clear the doubts and doubts of these countries.

Biden would like European countries to help the United States stop the growing influence of China and Russia. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult for them. Because, naturally and traditionally, European countries have always been with America. Turkey had tried to do something different, but that too is largely dependent on America.

Trump is still a threat
Trump has made it clear that he will run for president again in 2024. According to the report, European countries feel that if Trump returns, then the relations between America and Russia can be distant. White House officials also agree that they cannot make any guarantees about 2025.

Many controversial issues can arise in the Biden-Putin meeting. But, Biden is much calmer and more experienced than Trump. They know that it will not be in America’s interest to make Russia and China enemies together.

Vaccine Diplomacy
China is trying to get closer to many countries through its vaccine. However, there are many big countries that have questioned China’s vaccine. Biden had recently announced to donate 80 million vaccines. Its plan is yet to come. But, it is certain that any country in the world will rely on the American vaccine more than China. So, Biden can make an edge in this matter.

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