Bhaskar Khas: For the first time, Mukesh Bhatt told the truth of the news of the fight with brother Mahesh Bhatt, said – we have not separated due to any quarrel


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Mukesh Bhatt said- Technically the special films company was mine. Mahesh Bhatt sahab was involved in this as a creative consultant.

Well-known producer brothers Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt have parted ways professionally. On this matter, Mukesh Bhatt through Dainik Bhaskar has expressed its reason and reality to the media for the first time. He dismissed all the speculations under which estrangement was being attributed to the Bhatt brothers.

Mukesh said, “Bhatt sahib and we have not parted because of any quarrel. It is just a natural process. Like always the new generation comes to take care of the old generation’s work and carry it forward.” Before Mukesh, we had Imran. Tried to know the reason for this separation from Hashmi and Vikram Bhatt, but full details could not come out.

Alia wanted Mahesh to direct ‘Sadak 2’
Mukesh further said, ‘Technically, Vishesh Films Company was mine. Bhatt sahib was involved in this as a creative consultant. He had a great period of his own. The round changes with time. Bhatt sahab has not talked about directing any other film after ‘Sadak 2’. He didn’t even want to direct ‘Sadak 2’. But Alia’s request was that there should be a film in her career, which her father had directed. I never forced Bhatt sahab. He had said no to direction 20 years ago. Since then I have consistently respected his decision.


Will announce new project in July
Mukesh told that in July his son Vishesh Bhatt will announce a new film. Till now this film has not even gone on the floor. The script is currently being worked on. Its shooting is possible to start only by next year. Right now the production house is busy vaccinating its crew members.

Will work with Alia if I get a good script
According to Mukesh, ‘Alia can also work with Vishesh Films if she gets a good script. Neither I put any pressure on Bhatt sahab nor will I put any pressure on Alia to work with Vishesh films in any case.

Film planning going on with Emraan too
According to Mukesh Bhatt, ‘We have not had any rift with Emraan Hashmi as well. We have a very good relationship with them. We are talking continuously. We also have a film with him coming very soon.

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