Bhaskar Ground Report: Trump was ousted by postal votes, now such facilities are being snatched in the states


8 minutes agoAuthor: Mohammed Ali for Bhaskar from New York

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Why Trump’s Republican States Are Tightening Voting Rules.

Pre-election voting and postal votes ousted Donald Trump from power. In such a situation, 250 Republican law makers in 43 states have introduced bills to limit these benefits. These include provisions such as reducing pre-poll voting days, further tightening the conditions for voting by mail, limiting voting hours on election day. It has passed in Georgia, Florida. Queue in Texas. The greatest emphasis is on limiting the rules for vote by mail. ID, notary or testimony documents will be mandatory for such voters along with the ballot letter.

According to experts, these efforts will hollow out democracy in America and millions of people will not be able to vote. Election affairs lawyer Mark Elias says that we are ready to go to court against them. If these laws are implemented, then next year’s mid-term elections will see long lines at polling booths.

The Republican Party wants to win elections by depriving people of voting. Let us tell you that last year 73% of the voters had either voted before the election or by post. Of these, 8.5 crore had voted by post. From this Biden reached the White House. Trump has so far been calling these votes fake. Wherein America had the highest voter turnout of 73.7% in 120 years. In American history, the Republican Party has often benefited from low voting.


Republicans dominate 23 states, where these bills can easily be passed
In Republican-dominated states, this bill can easily pass. There are 23 states that have Republicans in both the Legislative Chamber and the Governorship, while the Democratic Party has 15 such states. Stricter rules are being introduced in the Republican states of Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Missouri and Florida. But such a bill is unlikely to pass in Democratic Washington.

There will be long queues, may have to return without voting

  • Voting will be held in Georgia during limited hours over the weekend. Only those above 65 years and differently abled will be able to send vote by post.
  • Republicans in Texas, Georgia focused on areas where Trump was defeated. Voting centers will also be less due to less election officials. In such a situation, voters will have to travel a long distance.
  • For these reasons, most of the votes will be cast at the booth itself on the last day. Millions of people may miss out on voting when the time runs out.

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