Bhaskar Explainer: Twitter removes ‘blue tick’ of Vice President, then returns; After all what is this happening?


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6 minutes agoAuthor: Ravindra Bhajani

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  • Twitter came under attack for removing the Vice President’s blue tick, if criticized, the blue tick returned
  • Twitter’s dispute is going on with the government regarding the guidelines made for social media
  • Twitter’s clarification regarding the action on the Vice President’s account – was inactive, so removed the blue tick

The central government made new IT rules in February. The Center is in dispute with all the social media platforms including Twitter regarding this. Meanwhile, on June 5, morning news broke that Twitter has removed the blue ticks from the personal Twitter handles of India’s Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu and several RSS leaders. However, as the controversy escalated, Twitter returned the blue tick within two hours. During this time it was ticking on the official Twitter handle of the Vice President’s Office. Why is Twitter getting criticized for this action? What is his cleaning? Let’s understand…

Why did Twitter remove the blue tick from the Vice President’s account?

  • Twitter says Naidu’s account was inactive since July 2020. Because of this, the system automatically removed his blue tick under the new verification policy of the company. But when this dispute reached the officials of the company, they returned the blue tick while intervening manually.
  • Twitter has reactivated its blue tick policy two weeks ago after three years. Along with this, guidelines have also been issued. Under this the account should be active for at least 6 months. Along with this, following the rules of Twitter should also be seen on that account.
  • As far as Naidu’s personal account is concerned, 13 lakh people follow him. There has been no tweet from his Twitter account for the last 11 months. The last tweet from this handle was on 23 July 2020. That is, the blue tick will be removed automatically.
  • According to the rules of Twitter, if your account is inactive or incomplete. The position for which the handle was verified is no longer the position. That is, if you were a government official but are not now, then in all such circumstances the blue tick will be removed without any notice.

Why is Twitter’s action being doubted?

  • The Government of India had issued guidelines for social media platforms in February. There is a dispute between Twitter and the government regarding this. Twitter has not followed the new guideline. A few days ago, Delhi Police raided Twitter India’s Delhi and Gurugram offices in connection with the alleged toolkit case.
  • Meanwhile, the IT ministry was upset over the removal of the blue tick from Naidu’s account. The ministry believes that such treatment cannot be done to the Vice President of the country. Twitter is wrong. Twitter’s argument in the matter is also completely wrong.
  • The truth is that along with Naidu, the blue tick has also been removed from the Twitter handle of many RSS leaders. BJP Mumbai spokesperson Suresh Nakhua called this action of Twitter an attack on the Constitution of India. Similar reactions are coming from other leaders as well.

What is Twitter’s Blue Tick Verification Program?

  • Not only Twitter but all social media platforms including Facebook have created a verification program. Under this a blue tick is given. This was also an important rule in the guidelines issued by the central government for social media in February.
  • The Center had asked social media platforms to allow users to verify their accounts on a voluntary basis. This will let his fans know whether he is following the right person’s account or a parody account.
  • Only after this, Twitter has started its account verification program two weeks ago, which was closed three years ago. Research from Twitter suggests that if an account is verified, conversations between people involved in discussions with it are more meaningful and informed.

Can you also verify your account?

  • Yes. In the next few weeks, Twitter will allow all users to have a verification application in the account settings tab. When you apply for a blue tick on Twitter, you will get an email reply on it within a few days.
  • Twitter says that users are also required to provide a profile name, profile image and a confirmed email address or phone number. Based on this, that account is verified. If your application is accepted, a blue tick will appear with your profile.
  • If the application is rejected, you can apply again after 30 days. In the meantime, Twitter’s backend team checks to see if any unethical, illegal activity is taking place from your account. After examining the rules made by him, he gives a blue tick.

In which category is getting instant blue tick on Twitter?

Twitter has fixed 6 categories at this time. They are being given blue tick immediately.

  • Government
  • Company/Brand/Organization
  • news organization and journalist
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and Gaming
  • Activists/Organizers/Other Influential Persons

Soon the category of scientists, religious gurus and academics will also be available.

Why did Twitter stop giving its blue ticks?

  • Twitter had suspended giving blue ticks in 2017 due to some confusion regarding endorsements. Twitter has now made new rules to solve this problem. Those profiles which are inactive, in which the information is incomplete, their blue tick is being removed. Blue ticks will also be removed for accounts that do not meet the new criteria for verification.

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