Battlegrounds Mobile India First Impressions: PUBG Mobile Similarities and Differences | pubg came to beta users with a new name, this time the color of blood was green; You will be able to play the game from where you left PUBG


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  • Battlegrounds Mobile India First Impressions: PUBG Mobile Similarities And Differences

New Delhi15 minutes ago

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South Korean video game developer Crafton has finally released the Battlegrounds Mobile India game in India. This game was downloaded by beta users from Google Play Store. However, the company has now removed it from the beta version as well. That is, only a few users were able to download this game. Now on downloading, users are getting the message of ‘Internal server error’.

Crafton says that soon it will be released to all users. The company has also released its teaser on its Facebook page. Earlier there were reports that the game could be released on June 18.

What will be different in the new pubg?

  • Small changes have been made in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Before playing the game, the user has to confirm that he is 18 years old or above. Only after this the entry is given in the game. Ping is being seen quite a lot in the game. One reason for this could be the beta testing of the game. Its graphics are a little less fun than PUBG Mobile. However, until the game is released to all users, it is too early to say about the graphics and other elements.
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  • Battlegrounds Mobile India offers a PUBG-like map, similar weapons, gameplay mechanics. The only difference is that all these things have been repackaged for Indian users. By the way, there have also been some minor changes in the game, such as now the color of blood has not changed but has become green. The game shows the number of players alive and the number of players you have killed as above.

Will be able to access pubg mobile data

What users are most concerned about is whether they will be able to access PUBG Mobile’s data in Battlegrounds Mobile India, so there is good news for them that they will be able to do so. Actually, Battlegrounds Mobile India has given users an option for this, with the help of which data can be accessed. Users will get time till December for this. After data transfer, you will be able to play this game from where it was left in pubg mobile.

How much space will the game take on the phone?
The game captured 6.06GB of storage when Battlegrounds Mobile India was installed on the OnePlus 7 Pro. This is the 1.4.0 version of the game. The special thing is that after the game is installed, only the permissions related to your storage have been asked. No other permissions like camera, gallery, contacts, music, video were taken. If you use in-game chat it will ask you to allow microphone.

Phone Settings

For those who have played pubg india game there is nothing in the setting. That is, they are just like the old game. From the home screen to the entire gameplay, it feels like playing PUBG Mobile. A warning is given before the game starts, which says that this is not a real world based game. You have to survive in the virtual game.

The game will run on a phone with 2GB RAM
Crafton said that all smartphone users who have Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or above operating system will be able to play this game easily. To play the game, the phone must have at least 2GB of RAM. That is, the phones whose configuration is not very high, they will also be able to enjoy this game.

Data security first priority
Prioritizing privacy and data security, Crafton will work with its partners to ensure data security at every stage. This will ensure that privacy rights are respected and that all data collection and storage will be carried out in compliance with all laws applicable to players in India.

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