Auto rickshaw, AC car, taxi or bus, in which corona spreads faster? Research revealed this


The chances of Kovid-19 infection from co-passenger in air conditioner taxi are 300 times more than in auto rickshaw. Research conducted by Johns Hopkins University has revealed. Two researchers Darpan Das and Gurumurthy Ramachandran analyzed four modes of transport – taxis, auto rickshaws, buses and air conditioner taxis. The topic of the research was ‘Risk analysis of various vehicles of transport during the COVID-19 pandemic in India.’ 


auto rickshaw safer among four modes of transport

Research on the role of transport in corona infection  

We are saying that auto rickshaws are comparatively safer, if you are wearing a mask." However, the researchers did not calculate how much of a risk factor is reduced by the bus being in motion, but they did agree that it is likely to be low. The research said that due to the design, the risk is likely to remain the same in the auto rickshaw, whether it is motionless or in motion. Both researchers are now working on estimating the risk of passengers in rail and air travel. Das says, "The pandemic has given an opportunity to redesign and rethink ventilation systems in public transport."

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