Arthritis Patients Can Eat These 5 Very Healthy Fruits, Reduce Joint Pain And Inflammation


Arthritis patients complain of joint pain and swelling the most. With increasing age, the disease of Arthritis becomes more troublesome, although if you take little care of your food and drink then you can avoid this disease. You can get a lot of relief in pain and swelling. Today we are telling you about 5 such fruits which arthritis patients must include in their diet.

Arthritis patients include these fruits in the diet

grapes- Grapes contain a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Eating grapes reduces pain and swelling in patients with arthritis. Grape peels contain an antioxidant called resvetrol, which is beneficial for arthritis patients.

Orange- Vitamin C is very beneficial for the patients of Arthritis. Vitamin C is found in good quantity in oranges. Antioxidants found in oranges also reduce inflammation of the joints. Arthritis patients are advised to eat citrus fruits like orange, seasonal and lemon.


watermelon- Watermelon is also very beneficial for arthritis patients. Watermelon also has anti-inflammatory properties and the carotenoid beta-cryptosanthin which is good for arthritis patients. This removes the swelling. Watermelon is especially beneficial for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

cherry- Arthritis patients should also include cherries in the food. Cherries contain anthocyanin antioxidant, which has anti-inflammatory properties. By eating cherries, the inflammation of the patients of arthritis is reduced and pain is also relieved.

avocado- Avocado is also a very good fruit for arthritis patients. Micronutrients are found in avocado, which reduces inflammation. Avocado also reduces the damage caused in the joints. If you eat this fruit in the initial stage itself, then it can also cure arthritis. Vitamin C is found in abundance in avocado, it is also called superfruit.

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