Apple’s new privacy feature: Companies will not be able to track the user through e-mail, will not be able to disturb unwanted messages


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  • Companies Will Not Be Able To Track The User Through E mail, Will Not Be Able To Disturb Unwanted Messages

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The launch of the new operating system iOS at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference.

Tech giant Apple has launched the operating system iOS 15 in its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC-2021). Its final version will come by September. The new version will work on all models of the iPhone 6s and above, including the iPhone SE 1st generation and 7th generation iPad Touch.

Apple has announced some new privacy features. This can knock other companies like Facebook, because these new features have taken care of the privacy of the users. This can cause problems for the tracking companies. Know what features are going to be available to users in the new iPhone in 2021 …

New features: Siri will run without internet, users will be able to add songs according to the occasion in the pictures

1. FaceTime Access on Android, Windows
The Spatial Audio and Call feature schedule has been added in the FaceTime update. It will also be accessible on the browser of Android and Windows devices. There will also be a share play feature.
2. Live Text

This feature will use AI to recognize text in photos through the camera app. Live Text will let users convert a recipe or instruction photo into digitizing text without having to type it. It will be able to recognize more than 7 languages.
3. Siri will also work offline

Apple’s voice assistant will also help in offline mode. Apart from this, it will help in identification of places and identification of items present in the gallery. The utility of Apple Maps will increase.
4. Trackers will be blocked on the Mail app

Apple will block e-mail trackers on the Mail app. E-mail trackers are used to tell that the user has opened the mail. This lets companies know whether you are reading their newsletters, mails, etc.
5. ‘Music Support’ in Pictures

The biggest update so far is the addition of ‘Memories’. It will be possible to combine music with photos. Users will be able to choose music according to the occasion.

6. New Tags in Notes App

User-created tags can now be added to the Notes app. This will make classification of notes easier. Will notify whom notes will be shared.
7. Notifications and Improved

Users can now set a dedicated mode so that repeated messages are not disturbed. Only important messages will keep coming. In focus mode, notifications and alerts of certain apps will be shown at a specified time. A new Do Not Disturb mode and photo sharing feature will also be available in Messages.
8. Weather App

Users will find it easy to understand wind, UV and barometric pressure data. Rain, air quality will also be visible in the new layout. Along with this, new features such as tab grouping and tab bookmarking have also been provided in the Safari web browser.

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