Anil Ambani-Tina’s love story: Anil Ambani was heartbroken after seeing Tina for the first time in the marriage function, both were married after five years of ups and downs


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Anil Ambani has turned 62 years old. Born on 4 June 1959 in Mumbai, Anil Ambani married Bollywood actress Tina Munim in 1991. Tina Munim’s first meeting with business tycoon Anil Ambani was in 1986. Their love story passed through many turns.

According to reports, Anil saw Tina for the first time at a marriage function. Tina had arrived in a black dress, which Anil liked very much. Tina’s nephew Karan became the source of this meeting. Tina was a big star of Bollywood in that era.


Tina had not heard anything about Reliance till the time of her first meeting with Anil. However, Tina says that Anil liked her a lot in the first meeting.

Due to family pressure, the decision to go away was taken.
When Anil told his family about Tina, they were against this relationship. He did not want any actress to become the daughter-in-law of his house. Due to family pressure, Anil decided to get away from Tina. According to reports, when she told this decision to Tina, she did not react. However, Tina was deeply shocked by this.

talks resumed after the earthquake
But this was not the climax of this love story. To meet, to part and to meet again after being separated. In 1989, there was a major earthquake in Los Angeles, USA. Tina was there at that time. Anil somehow found the number and called Tina. On the phone, Anil only asked Tina are you okay? On getting Tina’s reply, Anil hung up the phone without talking any further. Tina was shocked by this behavior of Anil. Even Tina could not stay and the conversation between the two started again.

got married in 1991
In the meetings between Tina and Anil, both of them often spoke in their local language, Gujarati. Later, after the consent of the family, Anil and Tina got married in 1991. Tina is two years older than her husband Anil Ambani. Tina was born in 1957, while Anil was born in 1959. Tina has two sons named Anmol and Anshul.

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