Amidst ‘Vegan Milk Controversy’, Prime Minister demands to ban PETA, Amul alleges serious conspiracy


Amul demands ban on PETA India

he added, "In order to stop the activities of such organizations in India, the milk producers of Gujarat urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take necessary action to ban PETA so that no one can tarnish the image of the country’s dairy industry through misinformation campaign. ." He alleged that the real objective of PETA is to help multinational companies producing synthetic milk. He emphasized that the 10 crore Indians associated with the dairy industry do not indulge in any kind of animal cruelty while milking.

said Humble, "The importance of livestock in Indian culture is like family and milk producers take care of them like any member of the family. Therefore, the question of cruelty does not arise…This whole episode is a misinformation campaign and an attempt to break the Indian dairy industry, which is self-sufficient, thus saving the country from the trouble of importing milk and milk products." He told that 10 crore people dependent on it will become unemployed because the intention seems to be inspired by many foreign companies.

‘Vegan controversy’ escalates between PETA and Amul

PETA had earlier advised Amul to take advantage of the plant-based milk and food market. Responding to Amul’s demand for a ban, PETA India CEO Manilal Valiyat said in a statement, "Amul has shown itself to be bullied, unable to understand people’s concern for animals and changing consumer trends. But his threat isn’t going to change the truth: Vegan food is taking over the world." 

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