Aircraft turned into marriage hall: Japanese Airlines is getting married in planes parked at the airport, 30 guests allowed; 10 lakh rupees


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  • Japanese Airlines Getting Married In Planes Parked At The Airport, 30 Guests Allowed; 10 Lakh Rupees

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Expected to compensate for the loss due to weddings in May-June.

  • All Nippon Airways owns 239 aircraft, 90% grounded

Japan’s largest airline All Nippon Airways has converted the planes into marriage halls. Now weddings are taking place in planes parked at the airport, that too in the presence of 30 guests. Airlines are also providing all the facilities of food and drink along with live music in the planes. Those who just get married have to pay 1.56 million yen (about 10 lakh rupees).

Actually, All Nippon Airways (AIA) has 239 small and big aircraft in its fleet. 90% of the aircraft are standing at the airport due to Corona. Due to which the airline is losing crores every day. To avoid this, the airline came up with an idea and launched a program to conduct weddings in planes. Airline official Mami Murakami said that May-June is the wedding season in Japan.


During this, lakhs of marriages take place across the country. But this time most of the marriage gardens are closed due to Corona. A huge crowd is gathering in those that are open. The company has launched this program especially for those couples who want to avoid the crowd. At the same time, in the Corona era, they want to fill their life with wonder and adventure. With this, the airlines hope that the loss caused by the planes closed during the Corona period will be compensated.
marriage in 3 and a half hours; sky walk for the newlyweds

A wedding lasts for 3 and a half hours. This includes facilities such as food and drink, reception and music concerts. In these three and a half hours, the company also takes the sky tour to the newlyweds and the guests. During that time there is also a pilot, two crew in the plane. The company has done more than 20 marriages in the last 7 days.

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