After Black White and Yellow Fungus New Fungal Infection Aspergillosis Reported, Symptoms and Treatment


The second wave of corona virus has scared people. However, now the situation has become much better than before. But now the fungal infection after recovering from corona has scared people. After black fungus, now many types of other fungal infections are also being seen in corona patients. Patients have to deal with different types of infections. Now another fungus has started spreading. Which is called aspergillosis. Its cases have been seen more in Gujarat. This infection is also happening after recovery from Corona. Know what are the symptoms of Aspergillosis infection.

What is aspergillosis- Aspergillosis is a fungal infection. This fungus is present only in the environment around us, but it does not harm those whose immunity is strong. However, through the breath of weak people or a person with lung infection, it causes allergies by going inside the body. Its severity can also be understood from the fact that it can spread to the blood vessels and beyond. This aspergillosis affects the body in different ways. In such a situation, it is important that you have an infection with aspergillosis.

Symptoms of Aspergillosis Infection

respiratory distress- If you are having trouble breathing then these can be signs of infection. After reaching the lungs, this fungus starts damaging the tissues. Due to which there is trouble in breathing. Understand that the infection has reached the lungs.

fever and chills- The initial symptoms of corona are also fever and chills. In such a situation, even after you have been completely cured of corona infection, you still get fever, then it can be a sign of fungal infection.


Blood in cough- If this infection has reached your lungs, then you will continue to cough. Some people may also cough up some blood along with the cough.

Head and eye pain The fungus enters the body through the nose. It mainly causes infections in the sinuses, lungs. Then this fungus starts moving towards the brain. Due to which the pain in the head and eyes remains.

Fatigue and weakness Although there is a lot of weakness and fatigue after corona, but if you have any kind of infection then it increases even more. Even you have trouble in doing everyday work.

Skin infection- In many cases the effect of fungal infection is also on the skin. This can cause skin irritation, redness, swelling and pimples. There may also be itching all over the skin.

Identification of Aspergillosis- Aspergillosis is a bit difficult to diagnose, although doctors can identify it after conducting a biopsy, blood test, chest X-ray, CT and lung scan.

Aspergillosis treatment The sooner you get to know about any fungal infection, the better it is. According to health experts, it is also treated like black and white fungus. Surgery also has to be done if there is more infection in the body.

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