Advice to migrant Muslims in Assam: CM said- control the migrant Muslim population; If the population continues to grow like this, then one day my house will also be encroached upon.


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  • Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma Asks Immigrant Muslims To Control Population

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The new Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sharma has given a controversial statement within a month of assuming the chair of CM. He has advised the migrant Muslims to control the population. Sharma has linked it with social hazards and said that if migrant Muslims pay attention to family planning, then problems like land encroachment can be solved.

The Chief Minister says that if the population continues to grow like this, then one day there will be encroachment on the land of Kamakhya temple. Even my house will not be able to escape from encroachment. He was answering questions related to the anti-encroachment campaign at a press conference held in Guwahati on Thursday.

Population explosion is also a major problem like poverty.
“We have implemented population policy in the last session of the assembly, but want to work exclusively with the minority Muslim community to reduce the population burden,” the chief minister said. They say that population explosion is also a major social problem like poverty and encroachment.

Sharma has said that encroachment on the land of forests, temples and Vaishnava monasteries cannot be allowed. But I understand that this is happening because of the increase in population. I also understand the pressure of the other side. Where will the people live after all?


Controversy has started over this statement of the Chief Minister. AIUDF General Secretary Animul Islam has said that the CM’s statement is politically motivated and he is targeting a community. When the state government formulated the population policy, we never opposed it. But it is unfortunate that the Chief Minister is not understanding the real reason behind the increase in the population of migrant Muslims. The reason for this is poverty and illiteracy and the Chief Minister has not given any plan for its solution.

31% migrant Muslims in Assam’s population
Bengali speaking Muslims in the Central and Lower areas of Assam are considered to be Bangladeshi diaspora. In the last assembly elections, the message given by the BJP was that it would take steps to protect the indigenous communities of Assam from the migrant Muslims. In Assam’s population of 3.12 crore, 31% migrants are Muslims. During elections, they play an important role in 35 of the state’s 126 assembly seats.

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