5G Technology: Pooja Bedi came out in support of Juhi Chawla, asked people – is it fair that the High Court dismissed her petition as a publicity stunt?


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The Delhi High Court had dismissed the petition of actress Juhi Chawla against 5G technology. Along with this, the High Court also imposed a fine of 20 lakhs on Juhi and said that this petition is an abuse of the legal process. The petition was filed to gain publicity. After the court’s decision, now actress Pooja Bedi has supported Juhi Chawla in this case.

65% said the court’s decision was unfair
Pooja Bedi has created a poll on social media and asked questions to the people. He wrote, “Given that Juhi has been standing against EMFs and cellphone towers for many years now. Do you think it is fair that the Delhi High Court dismissed her petition against 5G technology as a publicity stunt? Somebody Can a celebrity never take a step without a publicity stunt?” Total 260 votes have been received so far on this poll of Pooja. In which 65% called the court’s decision unfair. While the remaining 35% voted in favor of the court.

I appreciate his initiative no matter what happens
Reacting to Pooja Bedi’s post on this, many users supported her. One user wrote, “After this court’s decision, now in future any other Bollywood celebrity will think ten times in raising public concerns. It is often said that they do not come forward for the society and the nation. I took their initiative. I appreciate it, no matter what happens.”


Juhi doesn’t need publicity, she is quite famous
Another user wrote, “We support their fight. At least the courts could have directed the telcos to respond? As always, no one is on the common man’s side.” Another user wrote, “Concerned about the health of the people of her country, Juhi doesn’t need publicity anymore. She is already quite famous.”

What did Juhi say in the petition?
Before the implementation of 5G technology, Juhi Chawla appealed to the Delhi High Court to investigate its effect on humans and animals. Juhi had demanded from the court that before the implementation of 5G technology, all the studies related to it should be read carefully. Especially the effect of radiation should be investigated. At the same time, it should also be made clear that there is no harm to the present and future generations of the country due to this technology.

Juhi Chawla has often been against the harmful radiation emanating from mobile towers and has also been making people aware about it. In 2008, he wrote a letter to the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, warning about the harm to mankind, animals, birds and plants due to the radiation emitted from mobile towers and Wi-Fi hotspots.

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