5G technology: Juhi Chawla told radiation dangerous, experts said 5G technology is safe


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The Delhi High Court had on Wednesday (June 2) an online hearing on the petition filed against actress Juhi Chawla’s 5G technology. After the hearing, the bench of Justice JR Medha had reserved the decision in the High Court. Juhi Chawla had said in her petition that the radiation of 5G technology is dangerous for humans and animals and all aspects should be investigated before its implementation. At the same time, know what the experts have to say about this…

Radiation experts say – 5G is safe
Given how new this technology is, the long-term use of millimeter waves for cellphone communication has not been studied in depth. The WHO says, “Health findings are drawn from studies across the radio spectrum. But so far very few studies have been done on the frequencies that are used in 5G. Tissue Heating Radio Frequency Fields and Humans.” Man is the mechanism of contact between the bodies.” However, 5G has been declared secure. Radiation experts and international bodies have also given green signal to the use of new frequencies according to health.

Two international bodies that issue guidelines on exposure to electromagnetic fields—the ‘International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection’ and the ‘International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety’—cover radio frequencies up to 300 GHz in their studies of health effects. In which the frequencies used in 5G are also included. WHO is currently assessing the health hazards caused by exposure to all radio frequencies. Including the frequencies that will be used for 5G and those that are already in use. Its report is expected to be published in 2022.

What did Juhi say in the petition
Before the implementation of 5G technology, Juhi Chawla appealed to the Delhi High Court to investigate its effect on animals and birds on humans. Juhi has demanded from the court that before the implementation of 5G technology, all the studies related to it should be read carefully. Especially the effects of radiation should be investigated. At the same time, it should also be made clear that there is no harm to the present and future generations of the country due to this technology.


Petition filed for publicity: High Court
The bench of Justice Medha of the High Court, after reserving the judgment, said, “We are surprised. Never seen such a petition, in which a person comes to the court without any knowledge and says that investigate. If the petitioner has to know about the subject, If there is no information, can the matter be allowed to be heard? What should we allow. Allow the petition full of flaws. It seems that this petition has been filed purely for media publicity. This is shocking.”

I am not against technology advancement: Juhi
Juhi Chawla had said in her statement, “I am not at all against the implantation of technology advancement. On the contrary, we enjoy the new products that we get from the world of technology. These also include wireless communication. However, We are always in a dilemma when it comes to using wireless devices, because our own research and studies on such gadgets and network cell towers indicate that radiation is harmful to health and safety.”

Juhi has already opposed radiation
Juhi Chawla has often been against the harmful radiation emanating from mobile towers and has also been making people aware about it. In 2008, he wrote a letter to the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, warning about the harm to mankind, animals, birds and plants due to the radiation emitted from mobile towers and Wi-Fi hotspots.

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