12th result and further admission how: The result can be prepared on the basis of marks of 9th, 10th and 11th, if no one is satisfied then also the chance of examination


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New Delhi10 minutes ago

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Given the current situation, the result is not possible before August. In such a situation, the process of admission in colleges can be stretched till October-November.

After the cancellation of the 12th examinations of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the biggest question is what will be the basis for preparing the result? Sources associated with the Ministry of Education told Bhaskar that the basis of the result will be the internal assessment of the three 9th, 10th and 11th. On the basis of this assessment, the 12th result will be released. However, the formula regarding this proposal has not been clarified yet.

According to sources, if a student is not satisfied with this result, then he can also be given a chance for the examination if the situation of Corona improves. With education sector expert and Founder of iDream Careers.com, Ayush Bansal, we tried to understand what is the best for students. What will be the way forward ..

1. Now the biggest question that what will be the effect on college admission?
The Prime Minister has given instructions to prepare the result within the stipulated time, but it is not clear yet by which date it will come. In such a situation, the timeline of admission to colleges will be affected. Actually, June has started. Assessment of internals of 9th, 10th and 11th will take at least 2 months. Apart from this, if a student wants to take the exam, then he will have to wait for the situation to improve. In such a situation, it is not possible to get the result before August. Then the process of admission in colleges can be stretched till October-November.


2. What will be the effect of this decision on entrance exam?
If the result comes late, then the entrance exam of Delhi University and similar colleges will also be late. In such a situation, children and parents need to be alert and make their plan according to the time.

3. How to prepare for the entrance exam?
Be prepared from now on. In addition to the core subjects, start preparing the fields you want to choose. Understand the entrance application process. Take the help of parents too, because time and convenience will be less available.

4. What will be the effect on the cut off list released for admission in the college?
If the results are given through internal assessment then the percentage of cut off list can be kept very high. The reason is that the number of marks in the internal assessment is also more likely to be higher and the cut off list is equally bound to be high. This will only harm the students, as their true potential will not be revealed on the basis of internal assessment.

5. What will the students planning for education abroad do?
Entrance to colleges located abroad is through the Standardized Admission Test (SAT). These tests are taken online. Usually students reach their colleges abroad by June-July. They have to submit their final result by November, which is not possible in the current situation. Now they have to talk in colleges located abroad.

6. What will happen to engineering and medical entrance?
No decision has been taken on the entrance exam in engineering and medical colleges. But, it is difficult to cancel this exam, because if the students who have passed class 12th are not admitted in these colleges, then their whole year will be wasted.

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