Why Are Salt, Oil, Sugar and Spices Important? Know Benefits And Side-effects


Salt, oil, sugar and spices have an important place in our daily diet. Although excessive intake of these ingredients is actually bad for health, but our body needs them in small amounts due to many reasons. You should know how the intake of these ingredients can help you in balanced amounts.

Advantages and disadvantages of salt

Salt has been a part of our kitchen for a long time and is used to flavor dishes. But, excessive intake of salt can cause serious health problems as it directly affects the energy level in the body. Salt increases the absorption of food nutrients in a better way, controls blood pressure and is essential for the nervous system besides the brain.

Use of too much salt can cause a range of effects. For short periods of time it can cause bloating, severe thirst and temporary increase in blood pressure. In the long run, it can also lead to hyponatremia and can be fatal if left untreated.

Benefits and alternative sources of sugar

In Ayurveda, sweet taste has been described as nourishing, stimulating the mind, eradicating hunger and thirst, enhancing tissue and improving the immune system. The most important is the use of the right amount, it connects with positive feelings of happiness, satisfaction, peace, enthusiasm, satisfaction. Brown sugar, jaggery and natural fruits are used to skip the white sugar or refined sugar and are a healthier option. The natural source of sugar helps you feel full for a long time. It also helps to keep your metabolism stable.


Fat, loss of excess spices

Excess intake of fat can cause cholesterol formation in your arteries, on the other hand there is a risk of high gastritis and stomach ulcers due to the consumption of too many spices. But if these spices are eaten in a balanced quantity, then it can help in fighting heart diseases, inflammation and keep the body warm especially during the winter season.

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