Under a special contract from The New York Times: Myanmar military government imprisons 4300 people in 134 years old in four months


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  • Military Government In Myanmar Imprisoned 4,300 People In 134 year old Prison In Four Months

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Myanmar2 hours ago

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Australian economic adviser and two American journalists also imprisoned.

Myanmar’s military government has imprisoned more than 4,300 people in the last four months in the crackdown on democratic support. Most of these people have been kept in a 134-year-old dangerous prison, infamous for vandalism and atrocities. This jail has a capacity of five thousand prisoners. But recently, so many captives have been brought here that it has twice the capacity of prisoners.

According to the news, elected leaders, journalists and hundreds of political supporters have been imprisoned here after a coup by the army on February 1. Many of them also have wounds of the galleries. Recently, Australia’s economic advisor and the right-handed American journalist have also been imprisoned. Built in the British Raj, this prison has been notorious for vandalism since its inception.

After that, the sequence of atrocities in military rule has continued here. Yu Bae Kyi, who works for political prisoners, has said that he feared that the military government could not be withdrawn and the democracy was not restored and political prisoners would again face atrocities.

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