These UP ministers do not even listen to Modi-Yogi: Minister Mahana has now shown the rule of social distancing to be false; 4 days ago I had a meeting with the police officers without a mask


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  • Minister Satish Mahana has now defied the rules of social distancing; Had A Meeting With Police Officers Without Masks 4 Days Ago. Satish Mahana Again Break Covid 19 Rules

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Kanpur10 minutes ago

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The photo is of Saturday. UP’s industrial development minister arrived in Kanpur to distribute ration to the poor. Here he forgot the rules of Kovid-19.

Industrial Development Minister Satish Mahana in the Uttar Pradesh government was seen breaking the protocol of Kovid-19 for the second time within 5 days. This time he was seen distributing rations to the poor under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana. The crowd is such that even social distancing should be shy. Prior to this, on May 25, the law of Kovid-19 was broken in front of the law. Had a meeting with Kanpur police officers without wearing a mask. After this, without any hesitation, the photo was also shared on social media. When the dispute escalated, the police commissioners stood up in defense of him instead of taking action on him. Said- Minister had removed the mask to drink water and only then the photo got clicked.

Minister said – Ration is getting free, it is more important
When Dainik Bhaskar asked Satish Mahana questions on breaking the social distancing rules, he said, “There is not much social distancing to follow.” There will be crowds in ration distribution. Our effort is to make social distancing … yet there are people of the village. Have come to take ration. Attempted to be followed. Everything else is fine, this thing is more important than getting ration free. It is necessary to go to ration for how many people died in Kovid. I myself strive more for my safety that social distancing remains. ‘


Police commissioner – this time too scared
Constant minister Satish Mahana is violating Kovid-19 rules and Kanpur Police Commissioner Aseem Arun is afraid to take action. On May 25, when Mahana was meeting without a mask, Aseem Arun was also present there, but he had defended differently. This time when no answer was found, he said, ‘I am not aware of where the minister violated social distancing during the distribution of ration. But still send the photo, I check it. ‘ When the Dainik Bhaskar reporter sent the photo of the minister to the commissioner, he refused to say anything in this matter.

Bhaskar’s 4 questions to Minister Mahana
If it is not possible to follow social distancing in villages and programs, then why did your government make rules?
2. Why are Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath constantly asking people to follow these rules?
3. Couldn’t you have already made a system for this, so that the rules are also followed and the people should also be safe?
4. If someone gets corona from going to your event then who will take responsibility for it?

Bhaskar’s 3 questions to the police commissioner
Law and rules are equal for everyone in the constitution. Then why are you hiding the negligence of the minister?
2. Your officers are continuously giving strict punishment to the people for following the rules. If you have invoiced crores, then why are you afraid to take action against the minister?
3. Are ministers above the law for you?

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