The trend of buying fire arms in the US: the impact of the virus outbreak and anti-apartheid movement, selling 1.2 million guns a week; 20% of customers who don’t even know how to drive


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Washington6 hours agoAuthor: Sabrina Tavernis

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Fire Arms housed in a gun store in Austin, Texas.

Incidents of mass shootings continue in US cities. However, the Americans’ appetite for fire arms does not end. Due to the Corona virus epidemic, the anti-apartheid movement last year and the panic arising from them, this time more guns have been sold than ever before.

More than a million guns were sold for the first time in a week in March last year after the government recorded sales of fire arms in 1998. There has been a record sale of 1.2 million guns a week since the spring season began in March this year.

Sales of fire arms have been increasing for years after election years and serious offenses. This time an unnatural trend has emerged. Gun researcher at the University of California, Dr. Garen Wintemute, says that the boom in gun sales was never seen before. Usually it slows down. But, this is going on continuously.

They are already buying guns which already have many. But those who did not have a single gun have also joined the competition. Preliminary data from North Eastern University and the Harvard Engineering Control Research Center showed that 20% of gun-buying Americans last year purchased a gun for the first time. As usual, new buyers are not just men or white. Half of these women and 20–20% of blacks are Hispanic.


There is no single reason for the increase in sales of fire arms. Sociologists point to several indicators. Liliana Mason, a political scientist at the University of Maryland, says people have lost trust. This social change is scary. Many employees working in gun stores said that in March last year, people working in insurance companies, software companies bought guns. They knew nothing about the gun and how to drive it.
Gun violence escalated amid lockdown

The brisk sales of gun sales continue this year. Americans bought 2.3 million guns in January. There has been an 18% jump in the first three months of this year compared to the first quarter of 2020. Dr. Wintemute of the University of California says, according to his research, there has been more violence in the states where more guns are sold. Reasons such as lockdown and unemployment have also increased the fire of gun violence.

1 Crore 70 Lakhs

  • Americans bought guns in 2020. This claim has been made in a survey by North Eastern University and Harvard Research Center.
  • 73% of whites own a gun in 2021. 63% of gun owners are men. In the case of blacks, 10 percent of blacks own guns.
  • 39% of American households own guns. This is over 32% of 2016. This information is according to the General Social Survey of the University of Chicago Research Center.

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