The key to success: the path of progress is hidden in respect of elders, maintain respect in all possible ways


A person with respect for elders climbs fast with success. There is admissibility in respect. There is a situation of learn ing and understanding. In such a person always stays on the path of development. This is the reason why elders of the house always talk of giving respect to superiors.


Home or outside work, business elders get to know a lot of things. All these things reach you only when there is a sense of respect and respect for the giver. We get to hear unique memoirs of life from elders. Anyone can be older than us on the level of age, position and qualification. There should always be a sense of getting from him. This situation motivates us to accept the fact.

There is a saying in a neighboring country of India that the death of an elderly person is like the destruction of a library. Increasingly, a veteran away from us is like the separation of an entire period. Students are able to do well in studies as long as they have respect for teachers. The same thing applies to elders. & Nbsp;

A sense of disrespect prevents a person from learning and understanding. If the pace of learning becomes slow at the age of age, then you will understand that the process of your development has stopped. In order to keep it dynamic, it is best to maintain humility towards the elders. Learning from the experiences of elders is the most simple and effective way of gaining knowledge in life. Apart from this, all other methods are cumbersome and expensive. It is possible to get more in respect of elders in less effort. Therefore, maintain respect.


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