Teaching by Watching Trend in Japan: Children’s conflicts are not interfered with by adults, this motivates children to resolve; Claim- Mimamoru technique useful for other countries as well


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  • Teaching By Watching Trend In Japan Children’s Conflicts Are Not Interfered With By Adults, This Motivates Children To Resolve; Claim Mimamoru Technique Is Also Useful For Other Countries

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Tokyo8 minutes ago

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Researchers clarified that the safety of children is paramount, do not ignore it, but interfere only when the risk of harm is greater than the benefits of learning.

In school, if the teacher sees the children arguing or quarreling, they intervene and explain them. The same methods are adopted to handle children around the world. But the policy of staying away in schools of Japan was adopted. That is, not to interfere in the quarrels of children by elders.

Experts say that this opened up opportunities for children to be encouraged to find autonomy and solutions. This also led to a new strategy to handle quarreling children in other countries. It is called Mimamoru. ‘Mima’ means to keep watch and ‘moru’ means to protect. This can be understood as teaching by watching. Where the elders do not deliberately interfere with the children, so that in the event of disagreement, the children can learn from their free will and decisions.


A study by Hiroshima University has found this method of solving children’s conflicts effective. According to Fuminori Nakatsubo, an expert in the humanities and social sciences at the university, the study involved Japanese and American teachers and tried to find out why the Japanese do not interfere in children’s fights and what are its benefits. It may seem strange to keep quiet when the children are quarreling, but Mimamoru sees such a noose as a great opportunity to learn.

If the elders interfere immediately, they seize the opportunity to learn from the children. At the same time, assessing children in such a situation can prove them to be unknowingly good or bad. American teachers say that this strategy requires some changes in education policy. If implemented properly, this technology can prove to be beneficial not only in America but also in countries around the world.

Safety of children paramount, do not ignore it: Researcher
Studies show that children feel that they should not have done this after the quarrel. They understand that quarrel cannot solve the problem. Researchers clarified that staying away does not mean ignoring children’s safety. But interfere only when the risk of loss is greater than the benefit of learning. Mimamoru has 3 specialties, ‘Less intervention to reduce risk, encourage children to work out solutions and resolve fights without the help of elders’. They make children responsible.

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