Social media war: KRK said to Micah Singh who favored Salman, Chirkut, Singer’s counterattack – I am not Karan Johar or Anurag Kashyap, his father


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6 hours ago

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After taking the side of Salman Khan in the defamation dispute, Micah Singh has fiercely raged on the self-proclaimed film Critical Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK. Responding to a fan on Saturday, Micah wrote in Punjabi on social media, “He chooses only the simplest people of Bollywood. Will not get entangled with his father. Tell my son to please unlock me. I am Karan Johar or I am not Anurag Kashyap. I am his father. “

KRK described Micah as a Chirkut singer
In fact, when Micah took the side of Salman, KRK called him a Chirkut singer. He wrote, “Now Chirkut Singer has sprung on the matter for publicity. But I will not give him a price. I want to jump as much as a jump son. You will not give me any sense at all. Because you do not have the right.”

Targeting Salman in another social media post, KRK wrote, “Now when it comes to know that it is KRK. It is not intimidating. It has turned into a sore throat, now it is Chirkut Singer, Music Director, Struggling The models want to get rid of the chase and so forth. But it will not happen. Now I will bring it on the road. Till the last. “


Micah called KRK a donkey and a rat
In a video that went viral two days ago, Micah was seen using words like donkey and rat for KRK. In favor of Salman, he was saying, “I wonder why Salman bhai took so long to file a case against him (KRK). A donkey like that should be taught a lesson as soon as possible. He always makes personal remarks.” , Which is wrong. ” Micah went on to say, “KRK is such a big mouse that he won’t get out of his bill. Because he knows he is going to slap as soon as he gets out.” (read full news)

What is the dispute between Salman and KRK?
Recently, Salman Khan has filed a defamation suit against KRK. KRK claims that this case has been done by him due to the negative review of ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’. While Salman’s legal team issued a statement calling this claim wrong.

The team says that this case has been done against KRK because they have made many allegations to defame Salman. He has been called corrupt and accused his organization Being Human of cheating and money manipulation.

According to Salman’s team, KRK has been maligning Salman Khan in the name of freedom of speaking continuously for the past several months. At the same time, KRK has denied the allegations made by Salman’s team.

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