Shanidev: This will be the effect of Kankanakriti solar eclipse on Amavasya on Shanaishcher Jayanti, take precautions


The birth anniversary of Sun, the son of Shani, is on the new moon of Jyeshtha month. Father Sun is about to be eclipsed on the Sanskriti Jayanti. This eclipse will be invalid in India. Its thread will also not be used in India. The eclipse eclipse will be visible in South America, Antarctica, Southwest Africa, the Pacific Ocean and the Iceland region.


Solar eclipse is the most important astronomical event. It is formed by the arrival of the Sun and the Moon of the Earth. That is, all three are in a straight line. Suryadev has to adjust his movement to the moon and the earth. In such a situation, there are urgent geographical improvements on the earth. & Nbsp;

Shanidev is the god of justice. Do not harm anyone during the eclipse. The effect of sin and virtue increases manifold during the eclipse. Do not make a mistake in this. One can chant mantras of Shani Dev and Suryadev. The eclipse will remain in the night. Take light food at night. Insist on sleeping in a relaxed state.


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