‘Rat epidemic’ declared in New South Wales, Australia: rats biting sleeping people, destroying crops; Asked for 5 thousand liters of poison from India


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  • ‘Rat Epidemic’ Declared In The State Of New South Wales, Australia; Rats Biting Sleeping People, Destroying Crops; 5 Thousand Liters Of Poison Sought From India

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A farmer named Bruce Barnes said – Sowing in the fields and gambling.

The Government of Australia is troubled by the panic of mice amid the Corona epidemic. Not only are these rats ruining crops, but now they are entering homes as well. These electric wires are chewing, causing a fire in the houses. At the same time people are also biting people at bedtime. Upset over all this, the Australian government has demanded 5000 liters of bromediolone poison from India so that the rats can be eradicated.

In New South Wales, the ‘mouse plague’ has been declared due to the rapid increase in the number of mice. Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall explains that rats are entering farms, homes, roofs, furniture to schools and hospitals. People are getting sick due to mice. Most farmers are upset because the rats are destroying the crops. Adam went on to say- ‘If we are not able to reduce mice by spring, New South Wales may have to face an economic and social crisis.’


Farmers said – Sowing in the fields and gambling
Australian farmers hoped that they would earn after the rain. But the mice have lost their dreams. A farmer named Bruce Barnes has reported that he is gambling in a way by planting crops on his farm near Bogan Gate City. We are just sowing and hoping that the hard work does not go waste.

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