Planet Mercury Will Retrograde On 2nd June 2021


Mercury is the main planet of intellect and behavior. Mercury god Jyeshtha Krishna Ashtami i.e. on June 2, 2021, will be retrograde in Taurus on Wednesday from 2.12 pm. After Mercury retrograde, it will set in the west on June 4. Budhdev will be considered to be less effective in the state of Vakri and Astha. According to astrology, lack of practicality and rationality can be seen in the country and society. You may experience sudden changes in commercial activities. In such a situation, everyone should work on ‘zero error’ policy in business.

Budhdev will be Margie at 3.30 pm on June 11. Budhdev will rise on 20 June. With the passage of Budhdev, business and other intellectual activities will begin to gain momentum in the country. Budhdev will be retrograde in his low zodiac sign Pisces. Worshiping Lord Ganesha will be effective for the happiness of Budhdev. By donating and using green things, the effect of Budhdev will be positive. Om Bun Budhai Namah

It would be best to chant.

Budhdev Kumar is considered a planet. It is considered free from gender. Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius will remain affected due to the effect of reverse movement in the debilitated zodiac. People of Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces are advised to be cautious. Tantric Mantra for positivity and strength enhancement of Budhdev Om Bran Bri Bansah: Budhay Namah Chanting can do 3 times in multiples of 9000. Donating whole moong will also benefit.


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