PETA India suggests Amul to make dairy-free milk, know the best options


People all over the world are turning to vegan diet keeping in mind their health, animal welfare and environmental concerns. Because of that the demand for vegan food and vegan drinks is increasing. Realizing the growing need for milk alternatives, the organization working for animal rights in India has written a letter to the Milk Cooperative Association.

PETA India has suggested to Amul that in view of the new population of customers, one should take a stand on producing vegan milk. In a letter to Amul Managing Director RS Sodhi, PETA said that the milk cooperative society should take advantage of the thriving vegan food and milk market. According to PETA India, "We would like to encourage Amul to benefit from the thriving vegan food and milk market, rather than focusing on the demand for plant-derived products. Many more companies are also working according to the changes in the market and Amul should do the same. ‘

PETA believes that leading dairy companies around the world such as Nestlé are now investing in non-dairy options. Dr. Kiran Ahuja, Coordinator of PETA India Vegan, quoted a report, estimated that the global dairy alternative market would reach $ 52.58 billion by 2028. In his letter, Peta has also written that Barclay has predicted that the market for vegan food and drinks could grow to a thousand percent by the end of the decade.

Plant-derived milk for vegetarians & nbsp;
The rise in demand for milk made from different parts of plants is due to the increasing population of people towards vegetarianism. Now, a range of healthy alternatives to vegan milk are available for drinking and cooking. However, some of them may have added sugar, so choose the best milk alternatives.


Soy Milk – Soy milk has the same amount of protein as cow’s milk. But it contains less calories, fats and carbohydrates. If you want to increase your protein intake, or if you are having difficulty in meeting your daily protein needs, then you can turn to soy milk. & nbsp;

Cashew Milk – The milk from the plant is best suited for cooking and cooking as it contains mostly unsaturated fat, it is a good choice for people with high cholesterol levels. But for those in high need of protein, cashew milk may not be the best option due to its low protein.

Almond milk – Almond milk is comparatively low in calories. In fact, it is one of the lowest calorie milk alternatives. In this way, almond milk may be a good choice for calorie drinkers, but it is best to use a home-made milk option, which is used in making almonds. & Nbsp;

Coconut Milk – If you are vegan and are thinking of reducing your carbohydrate intake, then coconut milk is right for you. Coconut milk has the lowest carbohydrate content of non-dairy milk, but it also contains significantly less protein. And beyond that, it may not be the best option for those in high need of protein.

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