Palmistry: Tropic lines have a big influence, help in estimation of wealth and age.


There are usually one to three tropic lines on the palm and wrist joint. Their presence in large numbers is considered a sign of longevity. The trenches containing the entire circle symbolize the dominant person. A person acquires a big place in society. People listen carefully to his words. Strong taboos are found in the hands of people associated with justice, governance and governance.


Gembands are considered the base of the palm. The shape of the mantle highlights the palm texture and superiority. Therefore, a good palmist should study the tones deeply before studying the palm. A bracelet is considered a symbol of 30 to 40 years of age. Thus the average age of a person with two bracelets ranges from 60 to 80 years. Three fully effective tropes give a person the expectation to live more than a hundred years.

There is a crackling of the bone when the wrist is rotated, which is considered to be a sign of weak bone. Such a person is not determined. Big efforts can fail. He also experiences difficulty in wealth collection. Some people have a tomb in their hands and a mountain of Mars has emerged in the palm. If the thumb is thick, such a person should avoid & nbsp; anger. In anger, he can do great harm. & nbsp; Thus, in the case of weak and strong tides, other palm mountains can be interpreted properly.


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