Not even 13 days later, the marks of the tout were erased: oil seeping into the sea from a ship stranded on Palghar’s Vadrai Beach; Coast Guard’s 2 helicopters being monitored


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  • Oil Seeping Into The Sea Due To Leak In A Ship Trapped In Vadrai, Palghar, Two Coast Guard Helicopters Deployed Under Surveillance

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Two Coastguard helicopters have been sent to monitor a ship stranded at sea near Palghar in Maharashtra for 13 days. Both helicopters are keeping an eye on the ship. In fact, on May 17, due to the cyclone Toute, the ship had strayed from Alibaug and hit the rock near Palghar beach near Vadrai beach. Because of this many parts of the ship were broken. It is a cheek constructor. It contains 80 eighty thousand liters of oil, which is seeping in and spreading around the sea.

According to media reports, oil spills up to 50 meters have been seen in the sea. The ship belongs to Das of Shore and the Afcorn Company. Efforts are also being made by the company to ensure that oil does not leak. A cover has also been installed in it. During this time, Coastguard officials also inspected the area. According to officials, the situation is under control. The ship’s tank is not broken yet.


Danger of leakage of large amount of oil

  • The ship is in danger of a large amount of oil spills. The Maharashtra Maritime Board (MMB) and the Director General of Shipping have also issued notices to the ship’s company. It has expressed concern about the danger of pollution in the sea. The ship has also been warned to be removed due to being stuck in the path of navigation.
  • MMB Capt. Praveen Khara has said that our first priority is to extract the oil from inside the ship. After that we will take the ship out. It is stuck between the stones.
  • Coastguard spokesman Arvindan Mitra has said that the ship has about 80 thousand liters of oil. This is a high flash high speed diesel. There is no engine in the ship. Fuel is needed for an electricity generator. The ship served as accommodation for those employed in these off-shore jobs.

Fishermen had warned of big agitation
Earlier, fishermen had warned the government of the movement. In this, he demanded that the government should take immediate action to stop the oil spill. Local fishermen have warned that if the oil is not cleaned by removing the ship in the next two days, they will make a big agitation.

We had no control on the ship, we were walking with the waves: the staff
Inside the ship, crane worker Ehsan Khan told a media channel that an attempt was being made to extract the oil inside the vessel. After hitting the stone, it got pierced. In a cyclone, it reached Alibaug from here. The ankle that was put on it also broke due to the storm. There were 137 people in it, who were resuscitated. We did not control the ship all the way. We were walking with the help of waves.

Most fishermen coming here after the ban on Mumbai beach
The government has banned fishing in Mumbai and its surrounding coasts till 31 May. Because of this, fishermen were going for fishing in the vicinity of the west coast i.e. Alibaug and Vadrai Beach. In such a situation, if the oil spills here, then their business may come to a halt.

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