Most Common Laundry Mistakes Can Make You Unhealthy, Skin Problem And Infection In Corona


Coronavirus: Today, a large population lives in multi storage buildings. Where neither direct sunlight nor pure air comes. Homes have balconies to dry clothes, but many times those balconies do not get sunlight properly. Because of which people are getting various types of infections. Do you know that if you do not wash clothes properly and do not dry properly in the sun, you can get many diseases. This also increases the risk of fungal infection.

Many people do not wipe the body with dry clothes after bathing, so many people collect dirty clothes for weeks. In such a situation, you may have diseases like fungal infection, bacterial infection and skin dermatitis due to these small habits. Let us know what precautions you should take while washing and drying clothes.

1- Wash the clothes of corona infected person separately- The clothes of a person with corona virus or any other infection should always be washed separately from other healthy people at home. This will not spread the virus in the clothes of others. If there is a corona infected person in the house, then his clothes should be washed by disinfecting. Because the sputum of the Kovid patient is on the clothes, it will also go on the clothes of the other people, so the clothes of the person infected with corona or black fungus should be washed separately.


2- Gathering clothes for washing- Now people do not wash clothes every day since washing machines came in homes. People store clothes first for several days for washing clothes and then one day wash the Dakar in the machine. The advantage of this is that it will eliminate virus or fungal infection, but increases the risk of diarrhea. Germs persist for a long time due to the moisture in these clothes. Apart from this, underwear also includes underwear, which makes them prone to genital infections like yeast. So putting everyone’s clothes in the laundry together increases the risk of germs spreading.

Use of more soap or detergent- Some people put too much surf or detergent in the machine due to which there may be complaints of allergies, dryness, irritation on the body. Apart from this, the color of clothes also becomes lighter by using more detergent.

4- Do not dry clothes inside the house. Never dry clothes indoors. This keeps moisture in the clothes. At the same time, moisture can remain in the house due to wet clothes. You may also be at risk of fungal infection. Drying clothes inside the house increases the environment by 30 percent, which can affect the fungal eyes.

Why is it important to wash and dry clothes properly?
1-Due to not washing and drying clothes properly, moisture and bacteria are left, which can cause many serious diseases and skin diseases.

2- Due to not drying clothes properly, you may have an allergy called skin dermatitis. These allergies occur due to moisture in the clothes.

3- If you do not dry clothes properly or do not dry the body with dry clothes after bathing, then there is a risk of many fungal infections.

4- Many times people get puffed up, people think that this is happening due to heat, but it can also be caused by the moisture of your clothes. Bacterial infection can also be caused by not drying clothes properly.

Right way to wash and dry clothes

Dry clothes in the sun Clothes should always be dried in the sun. Sometimes, asthma and other respiratory problems occur due to moisture in the clothes. This makes our immunity weak. So dry the clothes in the sun.

Wash hands after washing If you wash clothes by hand, then wash your hands thoroughly with normal water after washing clothes. Now apply moisturizer after this. By doing this you will not have any problem in your hands

Wash the clothes of the infected person separately- If someone in the house is infected with a corona or other virus, then wash his clothes separately. Disinfect the infected person’s clothes first and then wash them with gloves. After washing, clothes should be dried for at least 45 minutes in strong sunlight. Whom bacteria and viruses can die

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