Modi’s mind: Modi said – India is now producing 10 times oxygen; Referring to Tau Te and Yas, he said – we have come out of every storm


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New Delhi2 minutes ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people of the country on Sunday through the Mann Ki Baat program. In the program, Modi said that the demand for oxygen in the second wave suddenly increased. The country enhanced its capabilities in the midst of disaster. Now we are already producing 10 times oxygen. No matter how big the challenge, India’s resolve to conquer has been equally great. Service and devotion have brought the country out of every storm. All the soldiers of the three forces are engaged in the fight against Corona. The whole country is proud of him.

The Prime Minister said that frontline workers, doctors and nurses worked continuously and are still doing so today. I have been urged to discuss these warriors. In the second wave the demand for oxygen suddenly increased. Many plants are in the eastern parts, from where it is difficult to deliver. In this, our tankers and train drivers have also come forward and performed their duty for the country.

Modi’s mind speaks to Corona Warriors

1. Dinesh Upadhyay, Oxygen Tanker Driver

  • Dinesh– I drive an oxygen tanker. It has been 15 to 17 years driving an oxygen tanker. Sir, our job is such that our company Inox also takes great care of us. When we give oxygen to someone, we get a lot of happiness.
  • Modi- Now when you go to give oxygen than before, what remains in your mind?
  • Dinesh We take care to fulfill our duty on time. If someone’s life is saved when the time oxygen reaches, then it is necessary for us.
  • Modi- Has there been a change in people’s attitudes?
  • Dinesh Earlier we used to get stuck in jam. Now it helps a lot. Administration also helps. When they reach the hospital, the hospitalists show the victory sign. Wei is pointing. We think it would have been a good job, given the opportunity to serve this. Tells children on the phone. Go home in 8-9 months. Children say that father should work but do it with safety.

2. Shirisa Ghajini, Loco Pilot of Oxygen Express

  • Modi- Mothers and sisters would be proud to hear that women are running an Oxygen Express entirely. I have invited Shirisa ji. How did you get motivation Provided services to railways on normal days, now how do you feel in times of demand for oxygen?
  • Shirisa- I got motivation from my parents. I felt that everyone was supportive. I got a greencard. 125 kilometers are reached in one and a half hours. It can be guessed that a lot of support is being received.
  • Modi- Greetings to your parents and sisters for this service and this spirit.

3. AK Patnaik, Air Force Group Captain

  • Modi- At the time of Corona, you are handling a big responsibility, you have done different work as a military, today you are running to save your life. First used to run to die.
  • Patnaik- It can be a privilege to help the country in times of crisis. Whatever mission you have got, you are playing it well. The satisfaction we are getting is very much. For one month, we are picking up oxygen from India and abroad. Has done 107 international missions, has flown for more than 3 thousand hours. Continuously operating the Airforce. Brought oxygen from Singapore, Dubai, Germany and the UK. These missions are being planned at very short notice.
  • Modi- On this, the country feels proud that all the jawans of Jal-Thal-Nabha are engaged in the fight against Corona.
  • Patnaik- We are busy with life. Aditi is also with my son.

Also discussed with the group captain’s daughter

  • Aditi Told PM that I am 11 years old and I feel proud of my father’s work. My father brings oxygen tankers from countries and helps the corona victims. They can’t even stay at home these days and I miss them.
  • Modi- Son, everyone has come to know about this life saving work, when your friends know you, they will look at you with great respect.
  • Aditi My friend says that my father is doing such a good job, I feel proud. My relatives are also doctors, who are engaged day and night. These are the efforts of everyone, on the basis of which we will win the battle of Corona.
  • Modi- It is said here that when the daughter speaks, Saraswati is seated in her tongue, when you are speaking, your tongue becomes the talk of God.
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  • Aditi- My Hobby is swimming and basketball. I do skating and cooking during lockdown and corona. When my father returns, I make cookies for him.

4. Corona Testing Lab Technician
Prakash Kandpal, Lab Technician, Delhi

  • Modi- Tell me about yourself? What was your experience at Corona?
  • Light- My experience is 22 years. There has been a lot of pressure on health services during Kovid. We are expected to perform more in this crisis. When we live up to that, there is a feeling of pride. If the people of the house are afraid, I say that the soldiers of our country always protect the country and stay away from home. In comparison to them our risk is quite low. By saying this, we continue in our work.
  • Modi- The government tells people to keep distance and you have to be in front of the corona. Working hours have also increased. Take care of your safety, don’t you?
  • Light- Security is taken care of, protocol is taken care of. So far my family and acquaintances have survived the infection. If we are careful, we can avoid it.

4 important things about Modi’s address
1. Now we are able to save more lives in disasters

Tau Te and Yas fought the country by storm and ensured at least loss of life. In the last few years, we have been able to save more and more lives in disasters. Thanks to the patience, courage and discipline with which the people of disaster affected states worked in the hour of crisis. I salute those who came forward for help. The Center and the state all fought together against these disasters. My condolences to those who lost their loved ones.

2. Also talked about the farmers and the poor
Farmers produced records and purchased records even during the Corona era. Price is also very good. Free ration is being given to 80 crore poor so that the stove is also burnt in the house of the poor. May not come such a day that the stove does not burn. Farmers in Agartala produce jackfruit. There can be demand for this in India and abroad. These jackfruits were brought to Guwahati by rail and are now being sent from here to London.
Must have heard the name of the royal litchi of Bihar. It was given GI tag by the government. This time, Bihar’s litchi has also been sent to London. Our country is full of similar tastes and products from east to west and north to south. Who has not heard the name of mango of Vijayanagaram? Now they are being sent to Delhi via railways.

3. 7 years of government dedication to the public

  • Today, 7 years of his government have been completed at the Center. On this, he said that India is not under the thinking and pressure of other countries. He walks with his resolve. If India gives a befitting reply to those who plot against us, then our confidence increases further. When India does not compromise on the issue of national security, we feel that we are on the right track.
  • The country has run on the mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas. Whatever achievement has been done in 7 years, it has been of the country, of the countrymen. We have experienced many moments of national pride together. We will keep moving forward and win every battle.
  • In the seven decades after independence, three and a half crore households had a water connection. In 21 months, four and a half crore homes were given water connections. In 7 years, India has shown a new direction in digital transactions. It is proving very good in the time of Corona. In 7 years we are sending record satellites and making record roads. From the Northeast to Kashmir, a new atmosphere of trust has been created and we have resolved the old disputes peacefully.

4. We took many exams and got stronger
Where there are successes, there are also examinations. We have given many exams and have come out stronger every time. Such great exams as the corona epidemic are before us. It has disturbed the whole world. How many people have lost their loved ones, big countries could not survive. India is moving forward with service and determination. In the first wave too, we fought with courage and determination and in the second wave we are also fighting. Two yards distance is essential. We will not be careless and that is our mantra.

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