Listen to Farid’s complaint Sarkar: For 8 years, Farid has been roaming around with a bullet in his head; Helped the police, got assurance in return


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BeawarOne hour agoAuthor: Manish Sharma

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Beawar’s Farid has been walking around with a bullet in his head for 8 years and is forced to stumble at every rate.

  • Farid was driving a police car to free the kidnapped businessman

A beaver of Beawar in Rajasthan has been roaming with a bullet in his head for the last 8 years and is forced to stumble at every rate. Jambaz Farid, who was shot by the kidnappers in an attempt to free a kidnapped businessman from the city, has been forgotten by the government and police department.

The situation is that Farid is also unable to get treatment today. However, even after 8 years, Farid still hopes that the police department or the government will take care of him. The case dates back to September 9, 2012, when the city’s property dealer Malli Kumar Sankhla was kidnapped by some people. Teams left on the instructions of the then District SP Rajesh Meena.

In order to ensure that the hijackers are not suspected, the police started the operation by taking a taxi in front of Beawar police station along with Farid Kathhat, resident of Vijayanagar Road and another driver Govind Prajapat. The police raided the two kidnappers who came to take the ransom money. Meanwhile, a bullet fell into Farid’s head. He became unconscious and his taxi overturned unbalanced. Here, the hijacked chain was rescued, but Farid was seriously injured. He was immediately admitted to Sawaimansingh Hospital in Jaipur. He underwent treatment in Jaipur for about two months, after which he was discharged. Since then, Farid has been traveling around the department and public representatives for some permanent work.

Going into coma and death is also possible if the bullet is taken out

The bullet has sunk in the back of Farid’s head from a place where it was difficult to remove it. According to doctors, the nervous system of the entire body works from the part where the pill is stuck. If the pill was tried, Farid could be in danger of becoming blind, coma, paralyzed or even dead. Still, Farid has to undergo various types of head checks in Jaipur every two to three months. Farid has a severe headache, which makes him insensible.

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