Learning’s unique source: People in many countries are learning English from the old TV show ‘Friends’


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2 hours agoAuthor: Mike Ives

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The show’s posts on YouTube are also popular in India, America, Vietnam, Japan, Brazil, Philippines.

  • Teachers say, easy language and life-related sentences increased people’s interest

True or False – The television show Friends features Monica Zeller at the wedding of Rachel Greens. This question was part of the English lesson of international students of a TV show. It was included in the pilot episode of the show. The question was posed by Elif Konas, a Turkish teacher. He has improved his English by seeing friends himself.

Many teachers like Konus and a large number of youth have learned English with the help of TV shows. Even 17 years after the final episode of Friends, students and teachers say that it is a very good source of learning. The show of America is still seen in many countries of the world.

Episodes of Friends take people back to the old days. However, its storyline which depicts the love story and the beginning of a career connects the youth. 29-year-old Konas says, “It’s entertaining compared to other serials.” Global issues have been raised in this. Over the years, many prominent celebrities have learned English from friends. The list includes Liverpool club German football coach Jurgen Klopp, several renowned baseball players and Kim Nam Joon, head of the South Korean pop group BTS.


An episode of Friends airs Thursday on HBO Max. Its scenes were played in French, Japanese and Spanish. From Ghana to Mexico, Friends fans around the world recalled how the show has helped them face their personal dilemmas and difficulties. The popularity of friends is not over, says Rachel Smith, founder of the Philadelphia-based Rachel English Learning site. In 2019, Smith posted learning videos based on friends on YouTube.

They received an average of 839 views every day. After America, Rachel’s videos are popular in India, Vietnam, Brazil, Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea. Academics and fans in America, Asia, Europe say that Friends is an amusing combination of easy-to-understand English and real scenes of life.

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